We believe software is creation.

Innovation & dedication are the keys to game-changing solutions

We challenge business problems and handcraft innovative software

Software Solutions

We offer full-cycle software solutions. From architecture definition to pixel-perfect front-end development and back-end integration, we have it covered!

Mobile Apps

We develop native mobile applications on iOS and Android to ensure the best user experience. Oh, we are also experts in API integrations!

Research & Development

All problems have solutions, only some are still to be created. Challenge us to explore new paths and push boundaries!

We provide agile and scalable development teams worldwide.

Develop your product

We can make a product out of an innovative idea. Hand us over the development of your MVP or software and dedicate yourself to your core-business.

Scale up your business

You are short-staffed or in need of specific skills? Let us set up a fully-fledged and experienced team dedicated to your project and managed within NaN Labs.

Review your architecture

We strengthen your IT foundations by providing guidance and roadmaps. Our focus: keeping your architecture up to date, with easy maintenance, integration and scalability.

We deliver full-cycle software solutions to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

We are passionate young entrepreneurs dedicated to innovation in the IT industry.

Creative thinking, high qualifications and long-term experience are our key assets to deliver premium software.