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Many businesses struggle to optimize their cloud spending, ensure security and compliance and achieve peak performance and scalability. That's where we can help with our free AWS Architecture Review. It will help you:

  • Identify areas for improvement: We'll pinpoint ways to enhance security, performance, and cost-efficiency.

  • Get personalized recommendations: Our AWS Architect expert, Gustavo Alberola, will provide tailored optimization advice.

  • Make informed decisions: Our assessment empowers you to make the best choices for your cloud investments.

Why Choose NaNLABS for Your AWS Architecture Review?

  • A free architecture review based on a simplified version of the AWS Well-Architected Framework! 🙂

  • We have a proven track record of over 11 years helping 150+ US businesses across industries optimize their cloud performance, security, and costs. 

  • Our team is packed with AWS-certified experts ready to help you. Tap into their expertise for a focused 30-minute consultation. We'll listen, analyze, and deliver a report to guide your cloud optimization.

Gustavo Alberola

NaNLABS Software Developer Advocate

Former AWS Software Developer Engineer turned AWS Solutions Architect, specializing in advising major clients in the USA and Germany. Led 20+ AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews.

Esteban D'Amico

NaNLABS Co-founder

Certified AWS Solutions Architect 20+ years IT experience. Specializes in AI, big data architectures, and cloud technologies. Worked with SP500 enterprises and startups.

Ulises Cornejo Fandos

NaNLABS Solutions Architect

Member of The V Programming Language Core Team Former Principal Engineer and Engineering Manager at NaNLABS, now focused on R&D as a Solutions Architect. Dedicated to open source and a core team member of the V Programming Language project.

Tito Molina

NaNLABS Software Engineering

AWS Solutions Architect Certified Fullstack developer, Frontend Specialist with experience in developing architectures with AWS

Mati Dominguez

NaNLABS Software Developer

AWS Solutions Architect Certified Fullstack developer, with experience in developing architectures with AWS and IaC (Terraform, CloudFormation, Pullumi).

At NaNLABS, we don't just optimize AWS infrastructures; we unleash the power of data. Here's a glimpse into how we've transformed businesses through innovative data engineering solutions:

Empowering Cyber Security with Data Intelligence

Partnering with CyberCube, a leading cyber insurance company, we've pioneered cloud-native data engineering projects for over four years. From building robust data lakes to crafting intricate microservices, our team ensures that CyberCube stays ahead in the realm of cyber analytics. 

Revolutionizing IoT Risk Management

For Wootcloud, acquired by Netskope, we engineered a B2B SaaS solution to manage IoT cybersecurity risks. Our expertise in aggregating diverse data sources and crafting real-time analytics empowered enterprises to safeguard their IoT ecosystems effectively.

Elevating Infrastructure Visibility

Collaborating with Equinix, a global networking giant, we developed a bespoke B2B solution to showcase their data centers and infrastructure. Through advanced data aggregation and customized visualizations, we've enabled Equinix to offer unparalleled insights into their infrastructure landscape.

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