Small enough to care,
big enough to get the job done.

< software boutique />

We are the technological partner of funded startups and fast-moving companies.

We specialize in the conception, design, architecture and development of custom software.

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Software Solutions

We design and handcraft custom software solutions, including social networks, websites, CMS, e-commerce, scanning and automatization processes. From elegant and intuitive interfaces to complex automated processes, we have it covered!


Mobile Apps

We partner with our clients to maximize their success through the development of native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Together, we review functionalities and objectives, we foster engaging design and create memorable user experiences.


Research & Development

Our path to innovation goes through R&D. We thrive engaging in uncertain activities and exploring new paths. We constantly monitor the trends and news of the industry to grow in knowledge and nurture our process of trial and error.

< we build, measure, learn and… iterate />

Develop your product

We can make a product out of an innovative idea. Hand us over the development of your MVP or software and dedicate yourself to your core business.

Scale up your Business

You are short-staffed or in need of specific skills? Let us set up a fully-fledged and experienced team dedicated to your project and managed within NaNLABS.

Review your Architecture

We strengthen your IT foundations by providing consultancy and roadmaps. Our focus: keeping your architecture up to date, ensuring easy maintenance, integration and scalability.