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Code Quality II: Metrics

No metrics are unquestionable. Nonetheless, keeping an eye on churn, as well as cyclomatic and cognitive complexity is a good habit to help write and maintain a clean codebase

Metrics scales to measure performance and quality

Code Quality I: Good Practices

It is within ourselves to take action and turn our everyday activities into an upward-spiralling workflow. We might feel it takes longer in the short term, but it saves lots of time and headaches in the long run

best practices for architecture and infrastructure of clean modern building

The quality pyramid in software development

We can think of our overall quality as the result of the functional, structural and process aspects of quality. Only by satisfying the lower levels of our pyramid will we be able to reach the uppermost level without sweat blood and tears

high quality stone pyramid

Rewiring Our Brain

How do upbringing and personality affect the way we perform and relate to others? Let’s focus on creating healthy teams with different people, cultures, ideas and expectations involved.

Human brain connections

Spark joins, avoiding headaches

Spark is an amazing framework for big data processing. But it’s got its shares of OOM messages and weird concepts too. Here, we’ll focus on joining two datasets based on a single key!

Illustration of big data using spark

Inversion of Control in NodeJS

Organizing your NodeJS code without a framework can be tricky. We show you how we implemented the key pattern for frameworks and how to use it.

Car trunk open with visible motor