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Rewiring Our Brain

How do upbringing and personality affect the way we perform and relate to others? Let’s focus on creating healthy teams with different people, cultures, ideas and expectations involved.

Spark joins, avoiding headaches

Spark is an amazing framework for big data processing. But it’s got its shares of OOM messages and weird concepts too. Here, we’ll focus on joining two datasets based on a single key!

Inversion of Control in NodeJS

Organizing your NodeJS code without a framework can be tricky. We show you how we implemented the key pattern for frameworks and how to use it.

Stability during large refactors

How do you make sure that you’re ready to migrate a widely used app to its new version ? When we faced this question with a large and crucial app, we compared solutions and opted for Feature change.

Embedding videos in a native Android app

An innovative design, cutting edge animations, and an outstanding user experience. All of these things make your app stand out but sometimes, you’ll still need to embed a plain old video in your android app.

Speak It

Is speaking in public a gift? There are some naturals. But there’s those that become attractive, clear and natural speakers and that may want to use some tips.

Continuous Learning

The fast-changing tech industry forces people to constantly hone their skills and learn new ones. But how can companies foster a learning culture?

Building APIs in one minute with custom CLI

This is the short-story of how I developed an open-source CLI to complement RESTLIB and generate controllers, services, models and validators with one simple command.