POC design and development, data mining, storage and processing, machine learning and business intelligence solutions.

Big data custom solutions

We work with huge volumes of data for innovative startups and at enterprise scale. We mine, store and process data to generate actionable insights that lead to improved business decisions.

Data Mining and Storage: we help you embrace the variety of big data sources by bringing them together using Spark with many databases both relational and non relational. We also analyze and process static datasets like CSV, Parquet and Avro among others.

Data Processing: we extract, transform and load (ETL) data from very large distributed and heterogeneous data sources.

Machine learning: we develop self-taught software solutions and build algorithms that process and analyze enormous amounts of data.

Data visualization and Business Intelligence: we craft user friendly tools such as custom dashboards and reports to make it easy to drill down into the data and to combine dimensions.

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Spark development services

Our deepest expertise is across the Spark ecosystem (SQL, Streaming, MLlib, etc). We set up Spark development environments with Java, Scala and Python.

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We’re always learning and expanding our use of technologies so that our partners can benefit from the latest innovations from the Big Data world.

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Our approach of big data development services

We set up design and development teams.

The solutions we craft include complex web applications as well as impactful and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android. We develop large scale and integrated enterprise solutions. And also leverage the latest technologies to develop big data solutions. We lead companies in their digital transformation journey and engage in Research and Development activities to prove the technical feasibility of innovative ideas.

Cross functional teams Cross-functional teams of specialists to design and develop custom solutions powered by our engineering knowledge.
Agile iterative approach Agile Iterative approach to build incremental software, that is focused on customers and embraces change.
Cloud computing architecture Cloud computing architecture for solutions that scale and adapt to real needs, and support high demand.
Security owasp Security following OWASP recommendations to identify and tackle web apps vulnerabilities.
Continuous delivery Continuous delivery from Day one to truly support our iterative approach, lower risks, and achieve zero downtime deployments.
Clean code Clean code best practices to keep software easy to maintain and add features.