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Defining Quality in Software Development

Quality is vital for any software product to triumph and conquer the market. Yet, to get high-quality software, you must be able to assess its quality. Let's start by defining what quality means in the software universe.

In software development, quality results from a process. Elevate your software from good to great by learning more about the quality process.



Agile MVP Development: When and How to Make Changes Mid-Project

MVP building comes with many twists and turns, but they don't need to derail your whole project. Here's how you can course correct towards success with an Agile MVP Development approach.

MVPs come with unexpected challenges, but they don't need to derail your project. Here's how to course correct your MVP with Agile Development strategies!



The quality pyramid in software development

Have you ever wondered about how quality is achieved in software development? About the pillars of quality? Uncover the recipe to software excellence with this in-depth analysis of the Quality Pyramid.

Wondering how to define quality in software development? Learn how to elevate software quality as we analyze the fundamentals of the Quality Pyramid.



What Makes MVPs Agile? Successfully Developing Your MVP Using Agile Methodology

Are all MVPs Agile? Well, yes and no. Get the answers to all your questions about Agile MVP development, plus some practical advice to help you up your MVP game via the Agile approach.

Is your MVP Agile? Find out how sticking to a truly Agile approach while building an MVP will take your development project to the next level.



How to Implement Efficient Automated Testing in Agile

In this guide, we'll explain the basics of automated testing in the Agile methodology, how to implement it, and suggest ways to call on specialist help when you need it.

Learn how to increase accuracy, save time and reduce costs in your software testing process with this NaNLABS guide on automated testing in Agile.



Why You Need Pair Programming For Your Next Agile Project

One person is hard at work while the other one’s constantly making coffee or checking their email. Does that sound like a familiar teamwork nightmare? Cause that’s what pair programming in Agile can look like if not done correctly.

Learn more about pair programming in Agile, its pros and cons, and some best practices to help you implement this successfully.



5 Examples of Test-driven Development Frameworks You Must Know

No one can deny the value of code testing. But knowing how to do it, and which testing frameworks to use, is another story.

Software testing is crucial to ensure code functionality. Learn how to do it using test-driven development frameworks by following these examples!



Test-Driven Development vs Behavior-Driven Development: Key Differences You Need to Know

Working on software development can be overwhelming, especially when your team needs to debug code that has low cohesion and high coupling—two qualities that aren’t hard to find in MVPs.

If you’re developing software and need to define how to test it. Review the test-driven development vs behavior-driven development differences here!



A Useful Guide to Technical Debt in Agile (and How to Stop it Getting Out of Control)

Agile teams are constantly striving for excellence and continuous improvement which means they’re more likely to take on technical debt.

Managing technical debt in Agile is crucial to ensuring the long-term success of your project. Learn about what it is, why you need it, and how we help you do it.



What Role Does Continuous Integration Play in Agile Software Development?

If Marie Kondo were a developer, she would've invented continuous integration. This Agile practice means you save what works—and has been tested and updated—and delete what doesn’t.

There are many practices that can improve your software development process. Agile continuous integration is one of those. Here’s how to use it.