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The Power of Collaboration: Boosting Tongal's Long-term Success Through Team Augmentation

Discover how strategic staff augmentation can help you overcome and conquer any tech challenge and propel your business growth to new heights.

Discover how strategic staff augmentation can help you overcome and conquer any tech challenge and propel your business growth to new heights.

Client Stories


Data Engineering for an E-Learning Platform: From Struggling to Scalable in 40 Days

Discover how our data engineering consultancy empowered INE to overhaul its analytics system, enhancing scalability and unlocking powerful insights.

See how NaNLABS' data engineering consultancy revolutionized INE's analytics, boosting scalability and insights.

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MVP Development with Twilio: How We Went the Extra Mile to Craft a Digital Assistant Bot in Only 90 Days

Building a high-quality assistant bot can be challenging, especially on a tight schedule. Here's how we used Twilio to deliver a bot capable of handling SMS and voice calls as smoothly as any human assistant.

MVP development can be challenging, especially when it's an assistant bot. Here's how we built a bot capable of handling SMS and voice calls in only 90 days.

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MVP Success: NaNLABS' Top MVP Development Examples & How to Find the Ideal Partner for Your Project

Wondering what successful MVP projects look like from the inside? Here's a selection of our top MVP development examples so you can get some real-world insights before starting to build yours.

What makes MVP projects successful? Here are our top MVP development examples so you can get some key real-world insights before starting to build yours.

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MVP Development: Building a Chrome Extension for a Transformed LinkedIn Experience

How NaNLABS’ MVP development experts built a successful Chrome extension, sparking immediate market buzz with a waitlist of 70+ LinkedIn users.

Learn how NaNLABS' expertise in MVP development led to a Chrome extension with a waitlist of over 70 LinkedIn users.

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Mobile App: How NaNLABS teamed up with Keep A Breast to optimize their app, increasing their global reach to reduce breast cancer risks

The Keep A Breast team needed NaNLABS to add new designs to their app and improve the UX. NaNLABS went the extra mile by suggesting major architecture changes to future-proof their app.

Keep A Breast, a non-profit, fights against breast cancer. They teamed up with NaNLABS to optimize their app and increase their global reach.

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MVP Development Optimization and Finalization for Fluint: The Challenges of Re-Planning an Existing Product

Turnarounds in MVP development are tough, but with the right approach, success is within reach. Explore how we revitalized a struggling project, transforming it into a thriving MVP using Agile methodologies.

Explore our journey in MVP development, from debugging the codebase to achieving an intuitive UX for our B2B SaaS client, Fluint.

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How Team Augmentation Helped Equinix Close Multi-Million Dollar Deals with a Custom-Built Sales Enablement Solution

Outsourcing your project can mean losing control. Here's how team augmentation helps get you the extra (and expert) pair of hands you need while keeping you in the driver's seat.

Need an extra pair of hands on your development project? Here's how Equinix used team augmentation to build a deal-closing sales enablement solution.

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Quality MVP Development Services: How We Helped design, build, and launch its MVP with Node.js

For entrepreneurs, MVP software development is a more budget-friendly way to test a product, attract early adopters, and validate its market potential.

Every SaaS needs an MVP. But you might not have the resources or the technical know-how to build your own. Here's the story of how got expert help.

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Custom Enterprise Software Development for a Cybersecurity Client: How We Helped Them Scale Without Compromising Quality

Working on custom enterprise software development for this cybersecurity client meant streamlining business processes, improving the infrastructure, and fixing bugs. Here’s how we did it!

Learn how NaNLABS adjusted this cybersecurity platform’s infrastructure and prepared it for growth through custom enterprise software development.