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Custom Enterprise Software: Advantages and Disadvantages You Need to Know

Choosing between off-the-shelf or custom enterprise software shouldn’t come down to budget alone. Discover the pros and cons of each option and make a decision that better suits your enterprise.

Easily choose between off-the-shelf and custom enterprise software after going though its advantages, disadvantages, and use cases.



Top Enterprise Software Solutions & Features for 2023 and Beyond

From customer relationship management (CRM) systems to data analysis tools, the right software can take your business to the next level.

We’ve compiled a list of best ERP solutions for your business and how outsourcing customized solutions with NaNLABS can help.



What is Enterprise Level Software? 8 Examples to Inspire Your Next Project

If your software infrastructure can’t support growth, you’ll likely have to turn away business opportunities—and your small-scale platform could crash and become vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In this article we explain what enterprise level software is and detail 8 different types, each with real-world examples to inspire your next project.



Enterprise Application Development: 5 Challenges to Avoid

Developing your own enterprise application is challenging, but not impossible if you’re prepared.

The NaNLABS team break down 3 challenges they faced in enterprise application development and what skills and expertise they drew on to overcome them.



Building Enterprise Applications: From Start to Finish

So you’re ready to streamline your business practices and optimize your organization with a custom enterprise app. But where to start?

Find out the benefits of enterprise applications and how to build one from start to finish with this step-by-step guide to the development process.



Custom Enterprise Software Development: What to Know Before Your Next Project

There’s a wealth of enterprise software out there but you might find it doesn’t suit your business needs. It has some features you’ll never use, while others you desperately need are missing.

Find out what custom enterprise software is and follow the top trends in the industry. Learn how to prepare for your next project (and how outsourcing can help).



How to Build An Incredible Agile Software Development Team With Agile Pods

If you need to build a software solution (and you need to build it fast) but your product development team doesn’t have the capacity or the expertise to do it, we have the solution.

If your engineering team is packed with work but you need to come up with fast software solutions, try outsourcing an Agile software development team!



Code Quality I: Good Practices

Clean code and other healthy programming habits

It is within ourselves to take action and turn our everyday activities into an upward-spiralling workflow. We might feel it takes longer in the short term, but it saves lots of time and headaches in the long run.



Code Quality II: Metrics

Key indicators to measure the health state of your codebase

No metrics are unquestionable. Nonetheless, keeping an eye on churn, as well as cyclomatic and cognitive complexity is a good habit to help write and maintain a clean codebase



Spark joins, avoiding headaches

Joining two datasets based on a single key

Spark is an amazing framework for big data processing. But it’s got its shares of OOM messages and weird concepts too. Here, we’ll focus on joining two datasets based on a single key!