Nuestro propio programa de Desarrollo Web Full-Stack

3 meses de entrenamiento intensivo en Desarrollo Web Full-Stack para formar parte de nuestro equipo

Sumate a nuestro programa de 3 meses de entrenamiento intensivo en Desarrollo Web Full-Stack. Con la posibilidad de sumarte a nuestro equipo al finalizar la capacitación.

Top-rated B2B company in Latin America

NaNLABS was named a Top-Rated B2B company in Latin America by Clutch

After conducting in depth market research and client interviews, Clutch ranked NaNLABS fourth overall among the top software development firms in Argentina and Latin America. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that identifies excellent firms to help businesses buy and hire smarter.

Software Developers in La Plata & Neuquen

Quick peek into who we are and how we get the job done

Heads-up if you’re a Software Developer living in La Plata or Neuquén!
We’re looking for new faces to join our team and create digital products for people around the world. If you´re ready to make a move and looking for a job that suits you, take a look at what we´re about and get in touch if you think we´re a match.

Comunidad en NaNLABS – Espacio de Coworking en La Plata

Para emprendedores con ganas de trabajar en un ambiente colaborativo.

Abrimos nuestro espacio de Coworking en La Plata. Un espacio de trabajo distendido y colaborativo. Ofrecemos internet de alta velocidad, salas de reunión, puestos fijos y rotativos y planes a medida!

LaPlataJS Meetup – Coming up next Saturday 17th

Getting started with microservices and Building an SPA with React and GraphQL

Join LaPlataJS community for its next meetup on March 17, 2018. The agenda: Microservices 4 real and How to build an SPA with React and GraphQL using the Wordpress API. The idea is for the community to get together and share experiences, discuss and share info about what is going on in the JS world. More info here!

Creativity in Software Development

Workshop to develop creative skills

As designers and developers, creativity is at the center of our work. This is why we believe we should continuously develop our creative skills, both as individuals and as a team. This Creativity workshop is an example of discussions and activities that can be organized to foster creativity in a software company!

First Ruby Open-meetup of 2018

A totally new meetup format with lightning talks and open discussions is coming!

Join us for the first 2018 open meetup of the Ruby Community in La Plata. We have deliberately not defined an agenda to give everyone the possibility to ask questions, share experiences or just listen to what is going on in the Ruby world. Here is all the practical info to join us on March 9, 2018 in NaNLABS office.

NodeConf Ar 2016 – Day 2

Node on the Desktop, Internet of peers, Continuous Security and more.

This conference is a not-for-profit community effort to push Node.js forward in Argentina. As Node.js early adopters and frequent users, we could not miss it. Here is an overview of Day 2 of the NodeConfAr. Among others, we enjoyed a unique talk about killing humans and a spiky debate about the evolution of languages.

Konex building by night Buenos Aires Argentina

NodeConf AR 2016 – Day 1

Noders, JavaScripters, programmers from all over the world.

First day of the first NodeConf held in Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 One of the biggest conferences to push Node.js & JavaScript forward in Argentina & Latin America. Here is an overview of the latest updates related to node.js, and links to the technical and inspirational talks of the day. The community is growing!

Konex building Buenos Aires Argentina