NaNLABS Wins Big with the 2023 Clutch Champions and Clutch Global Awards!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve clinched the Clutch Champions and the 2023 Clutch Global Awards!

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by Sarah Jaadan


These two awards acknowledge our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch services and providing first-rate customer support worldwide. 

Let’s talk about what it means for our partners.  

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About Clutch

Clutch is the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. It gathers more than 280K service providers from 154 countries that offer 1500 specialized business services.

Curious about our success stories and client experiences? Dive into our Clutch profile and discover firsthand what sets us apart.  

The 2023 Clutch Global Award  

What is it? 

The Clutch Global Award recognizes our industry expertise and our ability to deliver outstanding Custom Software Development services. It highlights the major players in the B2B services industry.  

What’s the secret to snagging the award? 

Providers must demonstrate outstanding delivery ability and Industry Expertise. How? It’s all in the verified feedback left by their clients on Clutch.

The Fall 2023 Clutch Champions Award

What is it? 

The new Clutch Champions Award amplifies clients’ voices even more! It’s for the Top 10% of the Clutch Global winners only. 

How is it different from the Clutch Global Award? 

This award highlights the leaders, the crème de la crème of B2B Global service providers. 

Providers must have shared new verified reviews on the platform in the last six months to qualify.

What it means for our clients 


Reviewers are clients. They embarked on a journey with us and got to share their thoughts on it through a verified process.   


We’re not in it for the sake of completing a project. We’re committed to propelling your business forward. Technical excellence, and teamwork? Check.  


We're more than a random Custom Software Development agency; we're your teammates. Seamless collaboration and open communication – it's all part of the NaNLABS package.


Your success is our success. We're not just here to build; we're here to ensure that your project thrives. That collaborative synergy? It's the secret sauce.

Wrapping Up with Gratitude 

To our clients, thank you for trusting us with your project and joining us in our mission to empower people and organizations through technology. 

Kudos to our team at NaNLABS for going above and beyond to keep rocking those world-class services! 

And thank you to Clutch, for acknowledging what we bring to the game!

To more success together!  

Interested in developing your own custom software with a team that cares about you and your vision? Get in touch! We’ll be happy to discuss how we can propel your business to new heights together.

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