How to Choose the Best Data Engineering Company in 2024

Finding a reliable partner to handle your data engineering project doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Keep reading for tips and tricks that’ll help you make informed decisions.

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by Sarah Jaadan


In today’s data-driven world, the power of data to enhance decision-making and empower businesses is undeniable. However, managing and harnessing data efficiently can quickly become overwhelming. Don’t worry, you don’t have to navigate it alone. While hiring a full-time data engineer is an option, many data engineering companies are ready to lend a hand. But how do you choose the right one? Are they all reliable? How about quality? Finding THE one is quite challenging, and we get it. In this article, we'll guide you through everything you need to consider when selecting a data engineering partner. Ready? Let's dive in! 

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8 Real-Life Cases of Data Engineering in Action

You want to ensure security and compliance but don’t know where to start

Handling data comes with several security challenges. Data engineers can help you ensure data protection within your organization. They can implement data access and sharing regulations to maximize security for example. They’re also your go-to experts for ensuring your platform complies with the evolving laws and regulations. 

Your user base is growing but your platform is underperforming  

Congratulations on your business growth! Let’s keep it that way by harnessing data engineering magic to enable scalability. Scalability issues are quite frequent because in most cases, the platform’s infrastructure wasn’t built for growth from the start. It’s probably underperforming because it can’t handle the increasing volume of data efficiently, which slows you down. That’s why your infrastructure should scale along with your business

One of our clients faced a similar problem, and here’s what happened. 

Our client INE is an E-Learning platform specializing in IT training. Just like any company wishes, INE was growing, gaining more users… and handling more data. 

Soon enough, they realized that an internal nemesis prevented them from fully harnessing data powers. And worst, they were spending time and money to maintain it. 

Wondering who that nemesis was? The analytics system. It wasn’t built for processing this increasing volume of data so every time too many users logged in, it would get bogged. 

INE took action, looked for data engineering companies, and trusted NaNLABS to work on their analytics system. In 40 days, we delivered a proof of concept (POC) for INE’s new analytics system, allowing them to keep leveling up, and anticipate potential issues while scaling. 

Curious about the game plan behind the optimized analytics system? Read the full story and discover how INE leveraged Data Engineering to dodge bottlenecks and reach new heights

You collect data from different sources but don’t know how to leverage them altogether

The challenge here is that all sorts of data are collected, often in different formats, and sometimes duplicated or conflicted. Data engineers are experts in handling these format, structure, and quality issues. They unify data from several sources, ensuring consistency, and quality to allow you to process and analyze it efficiently. 

You would like to assess the quality of the data you collected

From accuracy to consistency, ensuring data quality is crucial for reliable decision-making. Some ways data engineers can help involve data cleaning, but also monitoring data pipelines, performing quality assessments, and automating processes. 

You need to be faster to stay ahead of the curve

Data speed directly impacts your business. Having real-time or near-real-time data helps you make informed decisions faster, improves user experience by accelerating data retrieval, and optimizes operational efficiency. Data engineers can make it work on the technical side by strengthening your infrastructure to ensure low latency, scalability, and efficiency.   

You’re wondering which tools suit your needs best

Based on your specific needs, data engineers harness their experience and expertise to define the tech stack that suits your current and future needs. By keeping scalability and growth in mind, data engineers help you choose a set of tools for a future-proof infrastructure.

You’re looking for a way to make your data insights more actionable  

Proper data presentation not only decreases the risk of misinterpretation but also enhances user experience. If you’re wondering how to present your data in a way that makes it understandable, digestible, and actionable, data engineers can help! From ensuring data quality to designing an efficient data visualization strategy, data engineering activities improve the quality and effectiveness of data presentation. 

You don’t want to overspend to maintain your platform anymore

Ensuring that your infrastructure is cost-efficient is crucial for competitiveness and profitability. From optimizing data storage and improving data processes to scalability and automation, data engineers can assist in maximizing cost-efficiency. 

Ready to discover how our data engineers could help you solve these issues? Dive in now and explore the possibilities

Recurring Concerns About Data Engineering Companies 

In this article, we’ve uncovered the numerous benefits of collaborating with data engineering companies. But we know how tricky it can be to find a reliable partner, especially when considering nearshoring. 

“How can I trust them?”

Data is sensitive. If not handled properly, data can be lost, compromised, and worst, stolen. Ultimately, it could impact your business' profitability and reputation. That’s why a great partner for data engineering projects should be able to explain how it plans to protect your data and show a track record of projects involving data engineering. 

“My business is different from the others.”

Regardless of how innovative your business is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to meet your business needs. However, it doesn’t mean the solution has to be built from scratch. Unless you’re trying to create a brand-new database or become a cloud service provider, you should definitely leverage existing tools. A customized solution often involves finding and combining the right technologies to solve your unique business needs.  

“It’s too expensive!” 

When the business and technology universes combine, incurring debt is inevitable. 

First, there’s the technical debt. It accumulates when businesses prioritize quick fixes over long-term solutions, assuring they’ll “do it better later when the business takes off”. 

Then, the monetary debt. The general belief is that consulting data engineering companies is an expense only big companies can afford. From our experience, harnessing data engineers' expertise is more about investing to avoid even more costly issues in the long run, regardless of the company's size. 

Finally, there’s the ignorance debt. It occurs when you hire people with little experience and knowledge to do the job. While it may seem cost-effective at first, these people will need time to learn and figure things out on the job. Considering the time it will take them to complete the tasks and the quality of what they’ll produce, the ignorance and technical debt quickly exceed the initial monetary debt generated when hiring them.  

In the long run, accumulating technical and ignorance debts generates higher infrastructure costs. That’s when costs get out of control and you start spending more than you should to maintain an underperforming infrastructure. 

“They won’t get what I’m trying to do”

That’s fair, to be honest. We can’t guarantee that all data engineering companies will get what you’re trying to achieve. What we can do, on the other hand, is guarantee that we will. 

Your success is our success. That’s at the core of the NaNLABS way. 

Every project we work on starts with YOU. What’s your vision? What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals and needs? Getting to know you is an integral part of our process to guarantee that the final result meets your expectations. 

Communication is key to determining whether or not a data engineering company gets you.

Ready to discover how we do data engineering the NaNLABS Way? Dive in now and harness our 11+ years of experience to propel your business forward

5 Criteria You Shouldn't Overlook When Selecting Your Data Engineering Partner

Technical expertise

You must ensure the company has the technical capabilities to complete your project successfully. Depending on the project, it involves the following abilities and knowledge: 

  • Solid database knowledge.  

  • Proficiency in designing and building comprehensive data processing, storage & analysis pipelines

  • Familiarity with the specific vertical, from the vocabulary to the specific norms.

  • Solid grasp of cloud services for architectural modernity. 

Security and compliance

Given the sensitive nature of data, it's crucial to maintain control over internal data sharing and protect against external access. This underscores the importance of partnering with a reliable data engineering provider for secure data management.

Proven track record

One of the best ways to ensure you’re making the right decision is to look into your peers’ experiences. Numerous platforms allow clients to share feedback on their experiences with software development providers. Our clients often leave reviews on Clutch, a B2B rating platform for IT services. The client-centered platform offers an overview of companies’ services and expertise and leads its own feedback process to ensure impartiality and reliability.

Want to know what sets us apart? Check out our Clutch profile to discover what your peers say about us! 

Collaboration and support

Figuring out how involved you’ll be in the project is crucial to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Is the data engineering company planning on involving you every step of the way? Are you just going to hear about the company upon delivery? At NaNLABS, we believe that involving our clients every step of the way is a key determining factor of the project’s success. 

Cultural fit

When browsing through data engineering companies, you won’t find one that perfectly matches your culture. However, the project can quickly turn into a nightmare if the culture gap is too wide. Go beyond the technical requirements to determine if the partner you're considering is a good culture fit. 

Why NaNLABS Is Your Ultimate Sidekick for Data Engineering Projects

Over the past 11+ years, we’ve enabled 150+ US-based companies to develop, revamp, optimize, and launch software products. SMBs, startups, large enterprises… we’re familiar with how companies operate, regardless of their sizes. 

Our superpower? The NaNLABS Way: a blend of human-centered collaboration, technical excellence, and business guidance. The NaNLABS Way is our commitment to provide you with high-quality and scalable software crafted with modern technologies. Your success is our success. 

Why us? Because we know our craft and go above and beyond to turn your vision into reality.  We could go on and on about why we’re the trusty sidekick you need for your project but we believe that our clients say it best.

About the project

Matt Wolfe reached out to NaNLABS to collaborate on a project for Equinix, the global data center and colocation provider for enterprise networks and cloud computing. Matt and his team had developed the prototype of a sales enablement tool for Equinix but as the user base grew, it was time to take the platform to the next level. From stabilizing to enhancing the platform, discover how this collaboration enabled Equinix to close multi-million dollar deals

Check out Matt Wolfe's comprehensive review here

Now that you know everything about choosing the right data engineering company for your project, it’s time for action! The NaNLABS squad stands ready to tackle your project! Let’s propel your business forward, together!

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