LaPlataJS Meetup – Coming up next Saturday 17th

Getting started with microservices and Building an SPA with React and GraphQL

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by Mariano Moretti


This Meetup is organized by LaPlataJS, a community of developers and designers that love JavaScript and wants to share new experiences and always learn more!

The agenda & speakers

Microservices 4 real by

Microservices are everywhere and we want to use them. But do you take the first steps with that architecture? This talk is an introduction to the first challenges a developer has to face when he gets started with microservices.

How to build an spa with react and graphql using the wordpress API? By

Matias would like to share his experience developing a POC (Proof of concept) using the WordPress plugin that is currently being developed: WPGraphQL. Because this POC could be used as a skeleton for other projects, he’d like to:

  • Show the general structure to develop a modern SPA using a GraphQL API from WordPress.

  • Share about the technologies that were used (React, Apollo, React Router 4)

  • The development process and the problems that came up along the way.

  • Show some example with live WordPress websites

Practical info

  • WHEN? Saturday March 17, 2018 at 5pm

  • RSVP Eventbrite

  • WHERE? NaNLABS’ offices, Av. 13 #99, Office 204, La Plata

  • CONTACT La Plata JS

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