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Elton Artificial Intelligence

The frictionless way to handle expenses

The final product is an app that allows people on the road to connect different data sources so they can keep up to date with their receipts and allows employees to keep track of their employees expenses.



Tecnología en tiempos de COVID-19 para no tecnológicos

En tiempos donde la tecnología es nuestro principal partner, te comparto 6 apps que uso para para vencer el aislamiento

Ahora que el mundo real ha muerto y el virtual nos invade sin dudarlo cada vez más, no es raro sentirse abrumado por la situación. La semana pasada hablando con mi vieja – ella es profesora de inglés en un colegio secundario – me contó que le cuesta mucho dar clases con normalidad. Entre mates y bizcochitos virtuales, hablamos de algunas técnicas y experiencias que siento que por ahí le pueden servir a ella y creo que a muchos más!



We got rated highly in Web and Mobile App Developing @Clutch

From UX and UI strategic design to custom software development, NaNLABS has it all.

We share the most recent reviews on Clutch, an independent B2B firm which showcases thousands of the best service providers around the world.



Motivation: the extra player you didn’t know your team has

Why is motivation so important? How to keep your team motivated?

Building projects around motivated individuals is definitely the road to success for software development teams. Why is motivation so important? How to get more of it in a team? Let’s jump right into it!



How to improve Software Development teams velocity

5 tips to enhance team productivity and make sure they perform at their peak

Your software team is not delivering as you would like? You’re the Technical Leader, Product Manager or CTOs trying to improve their velocity? The very first steps to make them work better and faster could be inside you.



Nuestro propio programa de Desarrollo Web Full-Stack

3 meses de entrenamiento intensivo en Desarrollo Web Full-Stack para formar parte de nuestro equipo

Sumate a nuestro programa de 3 meses de entrenamiento intensivo en Desarrollo Web Full-Stack. Con la posibilidad de sumarte a nuestro equipo al finalizar la capacitación.



From real-world problems to product-market fit

How to turn real-people problems into successful products

Focusing on people and their real needs, and running collaborative design activities is the best way to start a new project and come up with solutions with great possibilities of being successful.



Top-rated B2B company in Latin America

NaNLABS was named a Top-Rated B2B company in Latin America by Clutch

After conducting in depth market research and client interviews, Clutch ranked NaNLABS fourth overall among the top software development firms in Argentina and Latin America. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that identifies excellent firms to help businesses buy and hire smarter.