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Heroku Basics: Dynos and Costs

A first approach to heroku PaaS and its entities

Introduction to the basic concepts of Heroku: what is a dyno, different dyno types and sizes, and how these are related to the costs that you will be facing. Including examples of how we increased our resources while controlling costs.

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5 console tips to debug your web apps with Chrome Dev Tools

Make the most out of your debug and test sessions

Chrome Dev Tools provides many ways to debug our web apps. But we often limit ourselves to the use of `console.log`. Improve your development workflow by using these 5 console tips to make the most out of your debug and test sessions.



Why should a Software Development company certify ISO?

Our road to the definition of Agile processes

A few months back we decided to take the plunge and engage in the ISO 9001 certification process. At first, we saw it as a way to generate trust for our international prospects. It became much more than that when we developed a unique playbook to define our work and collaboration as an agile organization.

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Headless WordPress with React and GraphQL

How to create a single page application with React consuming Wordpress data with GraphQL

This post presents an alternative approach to create Wordpress websites using front-end cutting-edge technologies. A React single page application consuming Wordpress data using GraphQL through the Apollo Client library. Enjoy the goodies of Wordpress while offering modern, fast and memorable experiences to your users.



Async tasks with Kotlin Coroutines

An example using Firestore with Android Architecture Components

Going further into the Android Architecture Components, we take a look at Kotlin Coroutines. With them it is quite simple to code Async tasks as Synchronous ones. Easing the data retrieval from Firestore and allowing us to handle exceptions without a lot of code.



Comunidad en NaNLABS – Espacio de Coworking en La Plata

Para emprendedores con ganas de trabajar en un ambiente colaborativo.

Abrimos nuestro espacio de Coworking en La Plata. Un espacio de trabajo distendido y colaborativo. Ofrecemos internet de alta velocidad, salas de reunión, puestos fijos y rotativos y planes a medida!

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Scaled images in React Native

How to scale images in React Native keeping the proportions and not affecting UX

Working with Images in React Native is quite common, but what can we do when those images have different dimensions and have to fit into a box? React Native Scaled Image is the module for you. It can scale the images without impacting view rendering.

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Native extensions for NodeJS

Step by step guide to understand the core concepts and build a first extension.

This article is intended for those looking to develop a first native extension with NodeJS. First, we’ll look into the concepts that are important to understand to get started. Later, I will show how to build our first native extension with a practical example. And finally, I will leave some links to read more about it