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Building APIs in one minute with custom CLI

How I developed an open-source CLI to avoid further copy-pasting

This is the short-story of how I developed an open-source CLI to avoid repetitive and tedious copy-pasting. The result is a scaffolding tool that allows to make APIs in less than 1 minute. It’s a complement to RESTLIB that generates controllers, services, models and validators with one simple command.



Dockerize and Secure WordPress behind a Proxy

Step by step guide to set up the proxy easily

There is no reason why setting up a proxy to secure your Wordpress application should be a nightmare. Here is a step by step guide to set up a proxy and secure a wordpress application using Docker. Recommended for developers looking to easily secure all their apps.



NodeConf Ar 2016 – Day 2

Node on the Desktop, Internet of peers, Continuous Security and more.

This conference is a not-for-profit community effort to push Node.js forward in Argentina. As Node.js early adopters and frequent users, we could not miss it. Here is an overview of Day 2 of the NodeConfAr. Among others, we enjoyed a unique talk about killing humans and a spiky debate about the evolution of languages.



NodeConf AR 2016 – Day 1

Noders, JavaScripters, programmers from all over the world.

First day of the first NodeConf held in Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 One of the biggest conferences to push Node.js & JavaScript forward in Argentina & Latin America. Here is an overview of the latest updates related to node.js, and links to the technical and inspirational talks of the day. The community is growing!



Be Agile, not chaotic

A short story about panic, uncertainty, and continuous delivery.

I know from experience that Agile methodologies are important, not just trendy. This is my experience working in a software project where things started small and all worked fine at first. But when the scope and team started to grow, the lack of Agile organization turned the project into chaos. All until one day, we decided it was going to change.



From raw data to actionable insights

Introducing Pentaho

Data offers a ridiculously important competitive advantage to those who know how to use it. To transform raw data into actionable insights and improve decision-making, we use Pentaho Data Integration. It is a powerful ETL tool to overcome the limits of scripts based synchronization. Here is an introduction to Pentaho.

Web Technologies


10 Good reasons to use Graph Databases

Because in the real world, things work connected

Most of the problems we face are real world abstractions, and it happens to be that in the real world, things work connected. This is why we should consider using graph databases instead of the classic relational model. We’ll see how it impacts performance, visualization, structures, simple querying, and transactions.



Docker everything

Introducing Docker’s features through a real life example

We too often had to set up the context to deploy an application, and then replicate this into another server. That was until Docker’s magic came to the rescue! This is an introduction to some of Docker’s features applied to a real-life scenario: how to install two Apache Web Servers using different source folders.