Be Agile, not chaotic

A short story about panic, uncertainty, and continuous delivery.

I know from experience that Agile methodologies are important, not just trendy. This is my experience working in a software project where things started small and all worked fine at first. But when the scope and team started to grow, the lack of Agile organization turned the project into chaos. All until one day, we decided it was going to change.

Forest with cloud

From raw data to actionable insights

Introducing Pentaho

Data offers a ridiculously important competitive advantage to those who know how to use it. To transform raw data into actionable insights and improve decision-making, we use Pentaho Data Integration. It is a powerful ETL tool to overcome the limits of scripts based synchronization. Here is an introduction to Pentaho.

10 good reasons to use graph databases

Most of the problems we face are real world abstractions, and it happens to be that in the real world, things work connected. This is why we should consider using graph databases instead of the classic relational model. We’ll see how it impacts performance, visualization, structures, simple querying, and transactions.

Spider web lookgin like a graph oriented database

Docker Everything

We too often had to set up the context to deploy an application, and then replicate this into another server. That was until Docker’s magic came to the rescue! This is an introduction to some of Docker’s features applied to a real-life scenario: how to install two Apache Web Servers using different source folders.

Ship with containers evoking Docker technology

Multiple Named Views in AngularJS

Angular-ui-router is a powerful tool to reduce complexity when dealing with application states. Here is an example of how to exploit it efficiently by defining hierarchies and multiple views. Snippets included! We recommend giving this interesting feature a try.

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Build responsive websites more easily

Ease the development of responsive websites using Twitter Bootstrap grids correctly. If you use Twitter Bootstrap sass or less version, then you can take advantage of the mixins. Using this approach you can create more semantic css classes and make grids easier to maintain. We also give you a tool to debug your grids!

Geometrical building responsive

Deploying NodeJS Enterprise applications

Before we started using Docker for all our NodeJS enterprise applications in production, we had crafted our own way to deploy, distribute, manage and maintain them. We wanted to have a simple standard deployment process for NodeJS applications on Debian / Ubuntu Enterprise servers and we explain it here.

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Using Elasticsearch with Grails

Tips to use the plugin or develop a custom index management solution

Compare the ElasticSearch grails’ plugin with a custom solution. And remember, ElasticSearch is schema-free so indexing is almost a piece of cake.

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Avoiding huge controllers in AngularJS

JavaScript Object Oriented Programming to the rescue!

How to build large front-end applications in AngularJS ? An option is to use JavaScript Object Oriented Programming to reduce controllers complexity and make them easier to maintain. Here is an example (snippets included) of how to define classes and instantiate them inside AngularJS controllers.