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7 Custom Software Examples That Make Life Easier (+ Tips for Creating Your Own)

There are so many great custom software examples out there, it’s tougher than ever for your business to stand out from the competition. From ordering groceries to scheduling healthcare appointments, most people use custom software every day. 

Check out seven custom software examples that make customers’ lives easier and find out how to use bespoke software development to do the same.



How to Estimate Custom Software Development Pricing

Find out how custom software development is priced and why your organization should invest in it.

More than ever, companies are relying on custom software to stand out from the competition. Creating and launching custom software can come at the cost of valuable company resources, but it’ll give your organization a much better ROI than an off-the-shelf solution.



Top 5 Custom Software Development Agencies in Argentina That Are Doing Things Differently

Argentina is fast becoming a go-to destination for custom software development. But, until recently, Argentine developers were largely ignored compared to industry leaders in the U.S, Ukraine, and India. What changed?

Argentina is a growing destination for world class custom software development agencies. Augment your teams, create MVPs, and more.



NaNLABS Wins Clutch 2021 Leaders Awards for Argentina’s Leading Web Developer

Top-rated awards for Argentina’s Leading Web Developer

Small enough to care, big enough to get the job done! Since 2013, that has always been our mantra here in NaNLABS. Located in La Plata, Argentina



Como migrar a trabajo full-remote y no fracasar

El proceso, situaciones, hábitos, técnicas y el aislamiento.

Te cuento mi experiencia en esta migración por elección que comencé hace ya 1 año. Espero que puedas encontrar puntos en común conmigo y también que este artículo te pueda aportar algo que te permite un mejor llevar en este momento en el que la mayoría de nosotros está trabajando en esta modalidad



FastMusic – Streamlining the music licensing industry

From the first draft up to the implementation of a design system

A new solution of a interlocked product ecosystem both from a design and development standpoint that impacts the work of several people: from writers and composers to Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) and studios, who are doing a very time-consuming, manual work.



Elton Artificial Intelligence

The frictionless way to handle expenses

The final product is an app that allows people on the road to connect different data sources so they can keep up to date with their receipts and allows employees to keep track of their employees expenses.



Tecnología en tiempos de COVID-19 para no tecnológicos

En tiempos donde la tecnología es nuestro principal partner, te comparto 6 apps que uso para para vencer el aislamiento

Ahora que el mundo real ha muerto y el virtual nos invade sin dudarlo cada vez más, no es raro sentirse abrumado por la situación. La semana pasada hablando con mi vieja – ella es profesora de inglés en un colegio secundario – me contó que le cuesta mucho dar clases con normalidad. Entre mates y bizcochitos virtuales, hablamos de algunas técnicas y experiencias que siento que por ahí le pueden servir a ella y creo que a muchos más!