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Quick peek into who we are and how we get the job done

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by Xoana Terry


We’ve been in this world for over 5 years and bring along over a 100 years of experience put together. There’s ~25 of us, mostly software developers, living either in La Plata or Neuquén. Every new member is incorporated after going through a friendly and exhaustive process where both sides get to see if there’s a match. Technical, soft and learning skills are covered here and will play a big part of your day to day job if you join us.

So to fill you in on what we do and how we work, let me tell you a little more about ourselves. 😀

Obvious first: we design and develop software

We work alongside our clients and their projects developing custom software for their start-ups or on-going business. And most of the time this implies web applications that are both complex and integrated with multiple platforms.

We don’t stick to one industry in particular but have developed a good expertise in some along the years. Cybersecurity, digital marketing and retail are in the top three. But we also partnered with teams engaged in real estate, fintech, healthtech and edtech businesses.

Our projects are carried out by agile and scalable teams, set by mixed seniorities, technical leaders and architecture consultants to ensure quality, fast delivery and learning opportunities for everyone at NaNLABS.

Our R&D area is well into blockchain and using Big Data to collect and analyze information, including the development of proof of concepts.

We also have a design UX/UI area working hand in hand with teams and clients to maximize efficiency and interaction between users and digital products.

Staying behind: not an option for software developers!🚀

Big part of our culture is defined by sharing knowledge and learning from others. We care so much about it that we’ve set a self-sustained “Learning area” where people can immerse in latest technologies, best practices and communication skills, among others. We do this through Geek Clubs, Light Talks, Meetups, Workshops and English Classes. Find out more in our post about Continuous Learning.

Techs and ways

As said before, staying behind is not an option and that applies seriously when it comes to the technologies we use and the way we organise our projects. We´re currently working with Javascript (NodeJS), Python, Java 9, HTML, CSS languages and React, Angular 6, Spring Boot, Spring WebFlux for frameworks, among others.

We work with Agile methodologies and according to these principles:

  • Close collaboration with the client and direct verbal communication. We create one team and put our heads together to pull in the same direction. Go team!

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for regular and iterative shipment of features and deliverables with. We wouldn’t want to blindly keep building something that makes no sense.

  • A team open to feedback and that welcomes changes. Because we believe that’s just the only way!

Autonomy & responsibility in our day to day job

We like to work from home every now and then and make use of our flexible culture but we also know we’re part of a team that’s expecting our commitment and who we hold ourselves accountable to.

It basically comes down to integrity. Consciously dedicating effort and responsibility to our work, and consciously deciding how to manage freedom.

So are we a match?😍

If you’ve got down to here without using google translator (or using very little of it) it means you now have an idea of what we´re about and also, matched one of our requests. Being able to hold a conversation in english with the client and team abroad is one important skill you´ll be expected to have. Keeping up to speed with the latest technologies, constant learning and focusing on quality will also be required for the job. And… we do like to see each other’s faces as often as possible, so living in La Plata or Neuquén is a massive plus when it gets to hiring people.

If you´re interested in working and sharing knowledge with other software developers and digital crafters you might want to check if we have the job for you in our careers page.

Keep yourself updated with our news and posts on our social media >>>

Ball is in your court! 🙌🏻

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