Top 5 Custom Software Development Agencies in Argentina That Are Doing Things Differently

Argentina is fast becoming a go-to destination for custom software development. But, until recently, Argentine developers were largely ignored compared to industry leaders in the U.S, Ukraine, and India. What changed?

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by Matias Emiliano Alvarez Duran


Argentina’s growing popularity with American tech centers is partly down to complimentary time zones and increasing costs of hiring tech talent from the U.S. But that’s not all.

There’s a high demand for experienced talent right now, and Argentina has an educated workforce to match it. In Cousera’s 2020 Global Skills Index (GSI), Argentina stood out as the leading Latin American country for education in tech and data science, thanks to a free higher education system and “vibrant tech ecosystem”. 

So which Argentine custom software development agencies are a cut above the rest when it comes to a bespoke service?

Finding the right development team is not just a matter of matching skillset and pricepoint. You need custom software developers to build a great working relationship with, who will understand your unique needs, and help you create cutting-edge software solutions.

To help you find the right team for your project, we’ve selected the top five custom software development agencies in Argentina that are doing things a little bit differently.

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Have an idea for custom software and need the right partner to bring your thoughts to life?

How we determined the top custom software agencies in Argentina 

To compile this list of the top five custom software development agencies in Argentina, we considered the following factors:

  • Unique selling point (USP). What makes this agency different?

  • Range of services. What services does it offer?

  • Processes. How does the agency approach projects?

  • Previous work. What client feedback has the agency received?

  • Agile manifesto. Does the agency meet the principles of the agile manifesto, such as prioritizing individuals and interactions over processes and tools?


The homepage for the NaNLABS website, with a dark blue background and text that reads 'build better software with a team that cares' Source: NaNLABS

NaNLABS is a boutique software studio founded, managed, and operated by developers, the whole team has first-hand experience of the processes behind successful software development. You’ll find zero corporate BS at NaNLABS, just a team of experts who really want to help you achieve your goals.

NaNLABS stands out because of our ability to jump directly into your company’s workflows and start providing value. You’ll be met with highly experienced developers, who have worked with top companies like Symantech, and will ask the right questions to help you develop a healthy architecture to last.

NaNLABS services

  • Team augmentation. Work with expert engineers to ramp up production and hit every product milestone

  • Consultancy. Solve complex problems and analyze your data with support from qualified practitioners

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. Develop a high quality MVP in under 90 days

  • Skill focus: JavaScript tech stacks, Python, Serverless and Cloud Development, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design

NaNLABS processes

NaNLABS combines developer expertise with the ability to seamlessly integrate with your team using your preferred communication methods. Our tried-and-tested processes can be adapted depending on client needs and size. For larger enterprises, NaNLABS provides team augmentation and consultancy on software development best practices. 

NaNLABS clients and projects

  • Symantec. A Fortune 500 cyber security company

  • Fight Club. A high-end consignment ecommerce store for rare shoes

  • CyberCube. A venture-funded cyber insurance analytics startup

  • Ströer. A major European MarTech firm

NaNLABS genuinely want to make their client companies successful—unlike most contracting firms. It shows in everything they do: from their interest in the type of problems we’re trying to solve, finding the right talent for that, and adjusting as we go. They care about your success.” - Ramya Gadiyaram, Director of Engineering at CyberCube

At NaNLABS we understand all projects are unique. That’s why we never treat clients like a number. Reach out for a custom proposal today!

Microtip: Choosing the right custom software development agency for you
When choosing the right custom software development agency, look out for case studies that resonate with your company and your goals. When reading about an agency’s previous work, pay attention to elements like the development timeline and communication strategies to see if their approach suits you.


The landing page for celerative, a software development agency in Argentina, includes the text 'borderless <management> made easy Source: Celerative

Celerative isn’t an agency, but a marketplace for software development team building. The platform collects information about your project and uses an algorithm to suggest suitable developers within 24 hours.

You can interview, onboard, and pay remote engineers all through the Celerative platform. Since you won’t be working with an agency, you won’t get the same level of account support. But Celerative does give you access to a big pool of vetted talent to start building a custom team.

Celerative services

  • Talent matching. Get talent suggestions based on the specific requirements of your project and start building your team

  • Trusted talent pool. Access a network of expert engineers who have gone through a thorough screening process, including personality profiling and background checks

  • Project tracking. Monitor team progress using project tracking tools that integrate with your existing plug-ins

  • Payroll. Manage contracts and payroll entirely within the platform and pay only for hours worked

  • Skill focus: .Net, DevOps, data science, databases, mobile apps, web dev, frameworks, back and front end dev

Celerative processes

Celerative isn’t an “agency” in a traditional sense, so you’ll be free to define processes for your project or hand it all over to a team of freelancers. A key selling point for Celerative is the ability to connect you with suitable talent within 24 hours, as well as the specialized project tracking software that can integrate with your existing tools.

Celerative clients and projects

  • Ethernity. A platform for limited edition authenticated NFTs (aNFTs)

  • Atoms. A B2C eccommerce company specializing in making and selling shoes

  • Matterport. A spatial data company creating 3D digital versions of real buildings

“My company has used Celerative to design the UI/UX of a mobile application. Their platform for team augmentation is really great. I used it to track the health of my projects.” - Customer review on Trustpilot 

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The text 'let us join you in your next adventure' is found on the homepage for Unagi, the software development agency based in Argentina, with an illustration of little astronauts preparing their ship Source: Unagi

Unagi focuses on understanding the exact needs of the project to deliver a bespoke software development service that doesn’t waste the client’s time or money. This agency prides itself on clear communication, getting to the point, and ditching tech jargon.

Unagi services

  • Web and mobile app development. Build web and mobile apps that work

  • UX design. Create software that focuses on user experience

  • Third-party integrations. Rely on Unagi’s experience to integrate with Stripe, Mailchimp, Google Ads, PayPal, Mercado Pago, Shopify

  • Skill focus: Ruby on Rails, Vue, Ionic, Firebase, AWS, Figma, Adobe

Unagi processes

Unagi is made up of a small, dedicated team who will jump right into modern development workflows, using prototypes to design polished experiences. This agency is a great fit for bespoke projects that need consumer-facing finishing touches.

Unagi clients and projects

  • Pinta Libre. A B2C e-commerce app offering a beer subscription service

  • Acme. A B2B mobile app for construction tech companies using laser-based measurements

  • Vitality. An e-commerce app and virtual event management for a company specializing in pharmaceutical sales


The illustration of three people around a campfire roasting marshmallows is accompanied by the phrase 'spark an idea and build a fire' on Sinaptia's home page. Source: Sinaptia 

Sinaptia differentiates itself by working through the entire product lifecycle. They’re a team of enthusiasts in a variety of roles and provide offerings around product discovery, product development, project management as well as the underlying tech talent to get your custom software completed. 

Sinaptia services

  • Product design. Use the Sinaptia tech stack and expertise to build any product, from clean-coded web apps to SaaS

  • Product discovery. Develop your idea by exploring your target users, pinpointing their issues, and figuring out how to meet their needs

  • Project management. Define your priorities and benefit from Sinaptia’s deep understanding of software development best practices

  • Skill focus: Ruby-centered backend, front end (including react and UX design), infrastructure/DevOps, and integrations

Sinaptia processes

Sinaptia are pros at remote delivery and will put an emphasis on transparent communication with your team from product discovery to project management and design. Their process focuses on providing you with well-researched and experience-driven pros and cons. Their mantra: we’ll be honest with you.

Sinaptia clients and projects

  • Orbiton Unity. An internal management system with a web interface for data acquisition company

  • David Kind. A high-traffic e-commerce company in the US specializing in luxury eyewear 

  • OmniAlly. A startup in Portland, Oregon providing digital signage solutions for advertising, healthcare, and other industries

“Sinaptia’s strong suit is their ability to roll with the punches in an agile process. I don’t have to hesitate when I reach out to programmers with a change in scope. It makes development much more navigable, especially in a competitive landscape.” - Robert Sellman, CEO at OmniAlly


One of the top custom software development agencies in Argentina, Amalgama, features a smartphone on their landing page and promotes their message of developing digital products that people love to use Source: Amalgama

Amalgama has worked with local startups and global names (think the #1 search engine in the world). Over time they’ve honed their offerings to three separate clusters of activity: definition and validation of a product or project, UX and UI testing, and custom software development.

Whether you’re after a mobile application or a CRM integration, if you want an agency that has worked with the best in the world, Amalgama should definitely be on your shortlist. 

Amalgama services

  • Product definition and validation. Analyze your market use prototypes that are tailored to your customer’s needs 

  • UX/UI development. Communicate your brand identity through specialized user experience

  • Custom software development. Create scalable products based on Amalgama’s best practices

  • Skill focus: product management and development, a wide range of custom software development, UX and UI, branding

Amalgama processes

Amalgama stands out as one of the most agile custom software development agencies in our list. This company uses the SCRUM framework to solve complex, adaptive problems, while keeping processes lean.

Amalgama clients and projects

  • Mine’d. A mobile app for a digital community focused on emotional wellness

  • BigCity. International communications agency seeking media monitoring dashboard on a global scale

  • Zuma. Trading agent wanting differentiation with online services providing financial advice

“[The Amalgama] team is really collaborative. It’s not like we just give them a roadmap and they build it—they ask questions and are involved in understanding our business. They know exactly why they’re building the platform.” - Aaron Albert, CEO at Mine’d

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What is the best custom software development agency in Argentina?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to custom software development. But Argentina’s growing developer scene has a little something for all project sizes, and has crafted custom software for solo founders through F100 companies.

NaNLABS is a great choice if you want a custom software development agency that combines expertise with a people-focused approach. The NaNLABS team is small enough to truly care about your project and can provide better deals than North American agencies without compromising quality. Your operations, design, and delivery will be taken care of by our agile software development studio, and your MVP will be ready to launch in just 90 days.

Before you start your custom software development project, be sure to choose an agency that aligns with your values and prioritizes honest communication and agility over hiking prices or rigid processes. You’ll get the most benefit from a collaborative team you can trust.

Have an idea for custom software and need the right partner to bring your thoughts to life?

Frequently asked questions about custom software development agencies in Argentina

How many software developers are there in Argentina? 

There are over 35,000 software developers based in Argentina, according to Diffbot Knowledge Graph. On a per capita basis, this means that Argentina has as many software developers as most European nations. 

What companies outsource to Argentina?

Companies in nearly every major industry have chosen to use software development agencies in Argentina, including the likes of Google, IBM, Oracle, and McAfee.

What are the benefits of using custom development agencies in Argentina? 

The benefits of using custom development agencies in Argentina include:

  • Convenient overlap with US time zones

  • Emerging location means less demand and lower rates

  • Argentina ranked #1 in Latin America for English proficiency in 2021

  • Culture alignment between Argentinian and North American teams

  • Good higher education system, ranking #34 in the world for education in 2021

How do I find the best custom software development company? 

To find the best custom software development agency for your project, follow these steps:

  • Define your needs. What is the ultimate goal of your project? Where are you facing challenges?

  • Define your target market. Who is your end-user? What problems do you want to solve for them? What value can you add?

  • Define your process. Will some agencies better integrate with your team, deadlines, and values than others? 

  • Define your values. Crafting quality relationships can lead to future partners you can lean on. Are you simply shopping by price or for longevity, quality, and collaboration?

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