Burning questions? We've got answers.

At NaNLABS we're not a fan of surprises (unless it's our birthday).
Find all the answers you need. And expect full transparency at every stage.

    • What technologies do you work with?

      Most commonly JavaScript stacks, including NodeJS, NestJS, ReactJS, Angular. As well as some Python and Java-based frameworks. Most of our projects use serverless architectures relying on AWS and GCP services. Looking for something else? Tell us what you need.

    • Do you have experience in my industry?

      Probably. We’ve worked on projects in cybersecurity, entertainment, financial, health tech, IT, marketing & advertising, news, real estate, retail & ecommerce, transportation and more. Check out some of our work here.

    • Do your developers speak English?

      You bet! All of our developers have a proficient level of English so they can collaborate effectively with your team. We also provide communication classes in English so they’ll keep improving as you work together.

    • Where are your teams based?

      98% of our team are based in sunny La Plata. The most beautiful city in Argentina. (We think so anyway). Most of the year we’re 1 hour ahead of Eastern time, and 4 hours ahead of Pacific. 

    • How soon can we get started?

      It depends on your project scope and needs. We often have availability in our team within days. And it usually takes us 1-2 weeks to ramp up.

    • Do I get to communicate with developers directly?

      Absolutely. Have your own slack group, daily stand-ups, retros, huddles. Our developers can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need. We’re building your product, we want to make sure we understand your business.

    • Our project is pretty complex, can you handle it?

      Bring it on! *Rubs hands together* Let’s talk about your specific requirements, and we’ll let you know if it’s a fit.

    • Can your team come and work in my office?

      Sure! Our team love to visit and meet with clients. We also offer consultancy which can be delivered on-site. In both cases, all travel expenses will be covered by you.  P.s. You’re welcome to visit us and work from our spacious office in La Plata, Argentina. We’ve got plenty of room to host you and your team.

    • Are you the same as a dev shop?

      No way! At NaNLABS we’re hands on. You get more than doers and order-takers on your team. We don’t take tickets and run. We’re thinkers, problem-solvers, strategists, consultants and advisors. Think of us as your software development partner. We get to know your business and work closely with you to reach your business goals.

    • What happens if it doesn’t work out with our team of developers?

      On rare occasions, we aren’t a fit. And that’s cool. We have a 2-week trial period for every project. This gives us time to get settled and ensure you have a perfect match.

    • Can we interview and test developers?

      ‘Fraid not. We know our teams like parents know their children (too well), so we’re best placed to find your perfect match. We assign developers and engineers by experience and culture fit so you get the balanced dream team for your project. But you will get the chance to meet and know each other before kicking off. 

    • Can we see the developer's resume?


    • How does your pricing work?

      We charge a flat, monthly fee per team or per project (where you only pay for the time the job takes) Tiered pricing systems get messy and complicated for both parties. We believe in keeping things simple. Contact us and we’ll send you our rate sheet, no obligation.

    • Can we hire one developer?

      No. We know that teams work best, and work in minimum squads of 2 or 3 people.

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