Android app

An android mobile application to empower retailers throughout Argentina

Native Android development


The Android application allows a small store owner to access special offers and make bulk purchases together with other store owners.Some of the main new features are:

  • Social media login & sign up: To jump right to the important stuff, getting great deals!

  • Initial preferences setup: Through one extra registration step. Users personalize their profiles by choosing categories relevant to them.

  • Personalized & categorized offers feed: Implementation of filters to present summaries of offers matching users preferences and interests.

  • User comments on offers: To reinforce the idea of a community where users stand shoulder to shoulder to get better deals. Also, this works as a channel of communication with CDO itself, as users post questions and evacuate doubts.

  • Social media share: To promote the use of the app and share particularly good offers.

  • Google maps integration: Having an accurate delivery address was paramount, so the old text field was replaced by a Google Maps widget.

  • Tracking and feedback of orders and deliveries: A special customized widget was designed to these ends, and a feedback channel was added so the users could comment on any problem in the delivery process.

  • Advanced analytics and segmented user tracking: Knowing what the user does in order to learn and iterate towards a better service is one key concept in the LEAN approach. We added a robust integration with Google Analytics, tracking the behaviour of the users anonymously.

New application with improved architecture

The changes in the UI and the new features were so drastic that they demanded a better architectural approach. We decided to start a new android application from scratch, taking an iterative approach where we would tackle the most essential functionalities first and then build on top of that.

Though the technology remained essentially the same, native Android, we implemented an MVP + S (Model View Presenter + Service) architecture so as to have better software scalability and maintainability.

We also added some well known code libraries to connect to the backend, manage asynchronous events, handle dependency injection and navigate throughout the app.

The implementation of a new design to offer an enhanced user experience

While in this project we did not participate in the discovery of the user experience enhancements or the definition of the new UI, it was on our side to make these two come alive.

Since the UI was heavily customized, the main challenge was to develop a set of new components that would serve to the UI needs while keeping the native feel of the Android platform.

Buttons, sliders, cards and more widgets were adapted and even completely created from scratch.