B2B SaaS Sales Enablement Platform

Optimizing and Finalizing an Existing MVP for a B2B SaaS Sales Enablement Platform

Switching to a new software development agency mid-project is challenging and risky but it can be vital for your product success. Discover how NaNLABS helped Fluint course-correct their MVP to release it to production after 90 days.


Fluint offers B2B solutions that enable Sales Reps to better equip their champions for internal meetings, increasing the probability of closing deals. Our client started developing their MVP with another agency but after 9 painful months (the initial plan was 3 months), they didn’t have a solid product to launch. The codebase quality was poor and didn’t enable scalability, the project was running behind, and information silos led to inefficient communication. Fluint trusted NaNLABS to improve and finish developing their MVP. 

Read the full blog post to get more details on how Fluint managed to release their MVP to production with NaNLABS’ support. 


  • Narrow down the scope of the project to focus on the users' critical needs.

  • Debug the codebase and improve existing features to simplify the platform. 

  • Restructure parts of the UX to make it user-friendly.  

  • Deliver a solid and scalable MVP to Fluint in 90 days. 


  1. Legacy Code: The codebase written by the other agency contained bugs and errors so we had to fix that first. 

  2. Time sensitivity: We had 90 days to understand the existing product, suggest a roadmap to improve the most critical parts of it, and execute it. 

  3. 3rd-party libraries: Some of the libraries used were limiting the product. These limitations were preventing the product from growing. However, our client was skeptical about changing the libraries.

  4. Rich UX: The UX had to be easy and seamless for Fluint’s product to work. Some functionalities like drag-and-drop over different components, and user collaboration over documents were challenging given the legacy codebase starting point.


The NaNLABS team started by diving into thousands of lines of code to focus on the legacy code and strengthen it. We gave it more structure, ripped out dreaded code, and enhanced the critical pieces to make sure that the technical debt was under control. 

With a cleaner codebase, we fixed existing bugs and started adding more advanced features. We suggested using new 3rd party libraries, offered recommendations, and explained how they would enable flexibility in the future. Fluint’s co-founders were highly involved throughout the project which made it easy to get info, validate plans, and move fast like a true Agile team


  • Fluint course-corrected and launched the MVP in 90 days.

  • user-friendly UX that suits the needs of two different user roles.

  • We strengthened the product’s codebase and code quality to enable scalability.

  • Our client gathered user feedback, made informed product roadmap decisions, and even got its initial paying customers!

Fluint and NaNLABS have developed a long-term partnership.  

Our client says it best

Want to learn more about Fluint’s MVP development journey in partnership with NaNLABS? Hear it directly from Nate Nasralla, co-founder of Fluint, in the video below! We talk about the reasons why Fluint chose NaNLABS, their concerns, goals, and their experience working together.

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