Sales enablement tool

Custom Enterprise Sales Enablement Tool

NaNLABS partnered with Secretly Nice to help Equinix upgrade its sales enablement tool. We performed architecture migration, codebase refactoring, feature development, and maintenance & support activities.


Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. The global IT networking provider offers B2B solutions. To support its sales team, Equinix conceived an enterprise tool and handed off the development to Secretly Nice. The prototype enables data visualization on a global scale, project creation, and displays global server systems. 


Equinix noticed the potential value this prototype could bring to their sales team and decided to invest in it by augmenting the IT team. The goal was to stabilize and then optimize the tool. NaNLABS led the development process, which involved migrating the database to a more suitable one, solving performance issues induced by the large volume of data displayed, adding new features, and performing maintenance support activities. 

Challenges and Solutions

  • The first challenge was working with legacy code. For the foundations of the new platform to be solid, we needed to refactor the codebase. We obtained a simpler and cleaner code, easing scalability and feature development. 

  • Stabilizing the platform was also challenging but it was essential to maintain a great user experience and ensure high-performance of the tool. Fixing bugs wasn’t going to stabilize the tool so we suggested migrating the app off to a more suitable platform. 

  • Together with our partner, we decided to migrate off the database to a new platform in order for it to support the next feature implementation. This sensitive process forced our team to transfer every part of the app while minimizing downtime

  • To optimize the performance of Equinix’ valuable tool and deliver more value we suggested initiatives such as rearchitecting the project creation process within the app and enabling users to take snapshots of the infrastructural deployment of networks.  

  • The complexity of this large project required switching team members to get specific expertise on certain occasions. We eased the knowledge transfer process using clear communication channels and accurate documentation on the project.


  • The tool is built on refactored legacy code, setting strong foundations to work on and start adding new features. 

  • We successfully managed to migrate 80% of the underlying database while ensuring service continuity.

  • The new features enable the platform to aggregate a larger amount of data coming from different sources. 

  • We took this tool to the next level by adding features that increase business value even more: the product has helped our client close multi-million dollar sales. 

  • This reliable tool helped Equinix sales team improve their productivity

  • The new version of the tool has contributed to increase the user retention rate, which is now around 90%. 

  • This large project began in 2021 and our partnership is still ongoing to this date. 

"Overall, it has been a fantastic experience, being able to rely on and trust the team that we are working with. The amount of ownership and investment the team has taken and put into that project is phenomenal." - Matt Wolfe, Partner at Secretly Nice, our counterpart on this project.

Is your legacy platform limiting your business agility? Would you like to migrate it off without interrupting service continuity? Get in touch! We’d love to discuss alternatives to make it happen and propel your business forward!