Consultancy on front-end development for fashion ecommerce destination

Style guide implementation and coding best practices definition to keep a consistent UI

Orchard Mile is a luxe online fashion destination that allows users to shop full collections from their favorite brands.

Because user experience is at the heart of luxury shopping, we provided consultancy services about front-end development in order to guarantee consistency in the user interface.

E-Commerce responsive design mock-up


Custom circles Standardize the way UI work was implemented by the different developers to bring back coherence between the different pages of the website

Custom circles Guarantee a smooth transition from the desktop to the implementation of a responsive version

Have you ever had the thought, while endlessly scrolling through an online shop, that you could do a better job of curating the items to your liking?”

– Article from Observer –


Custom circles Create a style-guide including components to be reused throughout the website

Custom circles Define coding best practices to be shared among the team

Custom circles Create a grid debugging tool


Custom circles Unified components and implementation throughout the website

Custom circles Unified Look & feel

Custom circles Having the right tools to validate in a non subjective way, the adequation of the implementation with the predefined rules.


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