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Enhancing Business Processes and Infrastructure for a Leading Enterprise IoT Device Security Company: A Case Study of NaNLABS' 4+ Year Partnership with WootCloud

WootCloud is an emerging innovator in enterprise IoT device security. In 2016, the startup launched an innovative IoT risk assessment platform able to uncover all types of unmanaged devices by scanning both the radio and network spectrum to provide critical context about each device. Thus, the platform analyzes a large amount of data in order to detect, prevent but also remediate security issues. 


Working on custom enterprise software development for this cybersecurity client meant streamlining business processes, improving the infrastructure, and fixing bugs. Here’s how we did it!

Our work

  • NaNLABS' team helped WootCloud in upgrading the full stack platform.

  • We released some core features like anomaly remediation.

  • We initiated the first of many WootCloud serverless integrations.

  • UI revamping using React JS & Redux.


  • Front-end:

    • Migrated the front-end to the latest ReactJS versions.

    • Complex data visualization charts with Highcharts and D3.js

    • Storybook defining reusable UI components

  • Back-end:

    • NodeJS & Express for the webapp middleware

    • New Python packages to extract general features

    • MongoDB

    • Elasticsearch used as raw and report storage system

    • Kafka to centralize the data-flow communication

    • Apache Spark to aggregate raw data

    • AWS Lambda implemented using Serverless Framework


  • NaNLABS and WootCloud in-house teams managed to release the Dynamic Query API that supports all the product visualization API plus additional core features.

  • The great work led by both teams benefited the whole company : in 2022, the global leader in Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust, Netskope, acquired Wootcloud.

Want to see how our team stablished this long-term partnership with Wootcloud? Read the full story to discover our experience working together for more than 4 years!

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