Empowering clients to consume information from the News team on their dedicated websites

News team on their dedicated websites

Our client is one of the biggest American video game developer and publisher. They operate a multiplayer online battle arena video game and they were looking to develop a news API so all their platform could get news feeds from a single service.


  • Make content curation easy for all internal teams and business entities.

  • Develop a performant and highly-scalable solution¬†to serve millions of users.

  • Allow websites to display embedded contents directly.

Cadence was super slow to make changes in the final game client page.


  • Customization of Elasticsearch Infrastructure on AWS

  • Replication of the database and creation of a dedicated News API

  • Customization of Embed


  • Easy and centralized access to news content

  • Reduced time to perform content updates on all clients websites

  • Simplified issues management