Custom ecommerce development to support complex business flow

Ruby on Rails development and third party services integration.

Not all ecommerce are simple shopping cart experiences. Complex businesses require fully custom solutions.

Founded over 3 years ago by Dave Barton as a rebellion to fast fashion eyewear, David Kind brings bespoke luxury to online eyewear.

Its unique free try-on service required a custom ecommerce that would integrate this complex merchandise flow that makes the user experience so unique.

Online eyewear custom design and development

Philosophie, the incredibly human software development company from California, was part of the project from its earliest stages. They took us on board to work with David Kind on new developments.


Custom circles Integrate David Kind’s custom platform with specialized external services to implement sharp new features & functionalities

Custom circles Bug fixing & maintenance over multiple integrated platforms

Custom circles Complex merchandise flows generated by David Kind’s unique free try-on service

But for elegant design, overall ease and personalized service, all eyes are on David Kind, a start-up in Venice Beach, California. Think of David Kind as a bespoke boutique for your line of vision. Founded by designer Dave Barton […] the company focuses on technology, quality materials and one-on-one service.

– Article from Forbes –


Custom circles Supporting the existing custom application

Custom circles Integrating external libraries such as Klaviyo, have2have, Mixpanel, Stripe


Custom circles Advanced marketing capacities thanks to integration of a performant email software

Custom circles Increased conversion and revenue from Instagram followers

Custom circles Insightful and actionable metrics


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