SaaS Privacy Management platform

SaaS platform to automate privacy management at scale

A privacy management startup reached out to NaNLABS to develop an MVP from scratch in 45 days. After a successful first collaboration, our client trusted us to turn the MVP into an enterprise solution and became a long-term partner.


Our client’s goal was to develop a tool easing the incorporation of security and privacy requirements in software. The [soon-to-be] enterprise solution would simplify the Application Security process for developers. The startup needed to build a scalable MVP from scratch and launch it within 45 days. The next step was to turn the MVP into a fully-fledged SaaS product.   


The product was at the earliest stage. It was still an idea. Our team started by defining the project's scope and building a roadmap. It helped the startup’s founders visualize the product milestones. We initiated the development process by building the architecture, working on the front-end, and designing the UX & UI. Later, we led the iteration process to convert the MVP into an enterprise product. 

Challenges and Solutions

  • Some of the initial features were loosely defined. We helped our partner research, shape, and refine those features to integrate them into the platform. 

  • The tech stack was yet to be determined. We explained our choice to our client and showcased concrete results quickly using Agile practices. 

  • The startup already had a UI/UX designer on board. We teamed up and collaborated closely, enhancing a smooth integration of the design in the MVP development process. 

  • MVPs should be developed and launched within a short time frame to serve their purpose. We established a detailed roadmap and delivered the prototype in 45 days

  • Once the prototype obtained user and market validation, we transitioned the product’s architecture to a multi-tenant architecture to support large organizations

  • Since the product also gained enterprise customers' interest, we revamped security practices passing penetration tests with flying colors.  

  • As the product evolved, our team did too. We onboarded more developers to work on the platform’s new features and enhancements.


  • NaNLABS’ team developed and delivered a professional MVP in 45 days

  • The MVP was functionalscalable, and contained minimal technical debt

  • Our client launched the state-of-the-art MVP and started collecting user feedback

  • We ensured to share our expertise on AWS with the startup’s in-house team. 

  • We turned the MVP into an enterprise solution, considering the user feedback.  

  • Our partner received a fully-fledged SaaS solution supporting large organizations. 

  • We’re still contributing to our client’s project through our Team Augmentation services.   

“Partnering with NaNLabs was a critical life force in turning the idea of Privacy & Ethics Engineering for all into a living, breathing SaaS platform. Their team cares as much as we do about the quality and impact of every line of code— and we laugh together every day.” - Co-founder & CEO of the startup. 

Discover how we conceived and turned an MVP into a fully-fledged Enterprise Solution using AWS.

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