Architecture and DevOps Consultancy

Architects and DevOps engineers providing consultancy and development services for companies with complex architectures and large infrastructure setups.

Nowadays making technical decisions to match business objectives is not trivial anymore and we want to stand by your side when you’ll need us the most. From developing custom software solutions, automation pipelines, to simply evaluating the different options that the cloud offers.

Our main architure & devops values are performance, availability, scalability, maintainability, and security.

Our experts are going to work in conjunction with the rest of the team to design, configure and maintain an infrastructure capable to keep up with the expectations according to the project. From cloud integration, pipeline configurations for a CI/CD implementation, environment decoupling, designing and implementing development patterns, to configure an analytics platform. Their job is to guarantee that the solution will run with the expected quality for production.

Main technologies

With years of experience, our team is prepared to dive into different size problems in order to guarantee scalability, performance and easy maintenance using state-of-the-art technology that would fit your necessities the best.


  • Docker 

  • Kubernetes


  • Github Actions

  • Gitlab Pipelines

  • AWS CodeBuild

IaC (Infrastructure as Code)

  • Terraform

  • Serverless Framework

Cloud Providers

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Microsoft Azure

Have you read until here? That probably means that you care about clean software architectures, with automated processes to guarantee business continuity. It would be awesome that you have a video call with one of our specialists! Let's book some time together.


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