Putting our heads together.



Elton Artificial Intelligence

The frictionless way to handle expenses

The final product is an app that allows people on the road to connect different data sources so they can keep up to date with their receipts and allows employees to keep track of their employees expenses.



Async tasks with Kotlin Coroutines

An example using Firestore with Android Architecture Components

Going further into the Android Architecture Components, we take a look at Kotlin Coroutines. With them it is quite simple to code Async tasks as Synchronous ones. Easing the data retrieval from Firestore and allowing us to handle exceptions without a lot of code.



Scaled images in React Native

How to scale images in React Native keeping the proportions and not affecting UX

Working with Images in React Native is quite common, but what can we do when those images have different dimensions and have to fit into a box? React Native Scaled Image is the module for you. It can scale the images without impacting view rendering.



A clean approach to deferred authentication in Android

Test driving authentication flow in a public-to-read / private-to-write application.

It is common for an app to need users to be authenticated to generate content. But from a user perspective, sign-up as the first screen feels kind of forceful. Why not let the users in, and only ask them to login for advanced interaction? Let’s test-drive this solution.



Android Dependency Injection – Why we moved from Dagger 2 to Koin?

An example using the new DI mechanism with Kotlin and the Android Architecture Components

Koin is a new option to consider to manage dependency injections when working with the Android Architecture Components and Kotlin. It provides much more clarity than Dagger 2 and is simple to implement. Here is an example of how to use it, compared to other more complex options.



Embedding videos in a native Android app

Pros and cons of four options worth considering

An innovative design, cutting edge animations, and an outstanding user experience. All of these things make your app stand out but sometimes, you just need to embed a video in your native Android application. Not sure what’s the best approach? Here are 4 good options and their pros and cons.