First Ruby Open-meetup of 2018

A totally new meetup format with lightning talks and open discussions is coming!

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by Germán Olle


We’ll count with the participation of highly experienced engineers. And are planning a meeting where all are welcome to talk, learn, listen or just have a great moment sharing a beer with the community.

About the agenda

Well, there is no agenda! And that’s what makes this meetup fresh and different! All are welcome to participate. The agenda is completely free and open in order to try something different and open the doors to new discussions, horizons, and why not even adventures!

If there are topics you’d like to talk about, you can also suggest it here: so that we can then all vote on which ones will be discussed this time.

Practical info

NaNLABS will be hosting the event in its offices in La Plata.

More info on their Facebook group or Slack.

Meet the organizers

The event is organized by the group la_plata.rb, an active Ruby community made of contributors and experienced engineers. We all believe in facilitating the development of the community, locally and globally, and hope to make it grow!

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