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Your data has more to give. Get every last drop of value out of your data with solutions that dig up the insights and boost your business decisions.

Let's come together to assist you and your team.

Too much data and not enough actionable insights? 

A specialized data engineering squad can build solutions to address every possible issue and convert your data into valuable insights to fuel your growth. Trust us, no data challenge is too big when you've got the right sidekick in your corner! 

Have a look at some of puzzles our custom solutions can solve for you:

Data Integration

Combining data from different sources, each with its own format, semantics, and structure, can be quite the headache when you're trying to get it all into one analysis-friendly format. 

The solution: Build ETL pipelines to cleanse, transform, and integrate data from disparate sources, using tools like Snowflake and Apache Spark.

Data Quality and Consistency

Data that is not consistent, precise, or complete can result in flawed analyses and misguided decisions.

The solution: Leverage tools like Spark SQL and AWS Glue's DynamicFrames to establish thorough data quality checks and validation procedures throughout the data pipeline, while also automating data processes to handle routine quality issues.

Data Processing

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in data processing. The ideal processing approach depends on several factors, including the nature of the data, the requirements of the application, and the urgency of decision-making. 

The solution: Use Apache Airflow, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, and AWS Glue to support 

a combination of real-time, near real-time, and batch-processing based on the specific requirements of different use cases within the organization. 


As data volumes expand and processing demands escalate, systems can become overburdened, resulting in decreased performance and operational inefficiencies.

The solution: Mix approaches like data partitioning, caching, distributed computing, and compression techniques, to design a scalable architecture that can handle both vertical and horizontal scaling. 

How Equinix Unlocked Multi-Million Dollar Wins With the Help of NaNLABS' Data Engineering Squad

Dealing with a sales enablement platform that limited their growth, Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, enlisted NaNLABS' data engineering services to take the tool to the next level.

After quickly integrating with Equinix's squad via team augmentation, our experts migrated the platform from Neo4J to MongoDB, to improve scalability and ease of maintenance. Our overall focus was security, seamless data integration, and infrastructure optimization, ensuring the platform's stability and real-time data access for their global sales team. And by introducing user-centric features like "template projects", we customized the tool to the company's dynamic sales strategies. Within 90 days, Equinix was ready to leverage this revitalized tool to secure multi-million dollar deals, showcasing the game-changing impact of tailored data engineering solutions. 

Custom-made down to the last byte

We have hands-on experience across the board—from finance and cybersecurity to agriculture, and everything in between. No matter how complex the industry, our solutions will be made to measure, according to your unique needs. 

At the top of our game but never satisfied

10+ years in software development consulting and data engineering haven't dulled our edge. Pushing tech frontiers is our passion, and we see every project as a chance to level up our game. 

Versatile top-tier talent

We're tech polyglots here, fluent in everything from Postgres to Amazon Neptune, from Big Query to Cassandra. Whether you want to streamline data processing, build data warehouses, or implement advanced analytics, we've got the expertise on deck to handle it.

Fast yet precise

Think speed compromises quality? Not at NaNLABS! Combining an Agile methodology with the most comprehensive quality and security checks, we take pride in swiftly building outstanding fail-proof solutions for every client.

Frequently asked questions about our Referral Program

  • Who can participate?

    Any individual or organization can participate, excluding current NaNLABS employees, active customers current employees or direct competitors.

  • Do I need to sign any paperwork to start referring potential clients?

    Yes, to become an official referrer and be eligible for commissions, you will need to sign the Referral Program Agreement that outlines the terms and conditions.

  • How do I track my referrals and commissions?

    You'll have access to a referral dashboard to see the status of your referrals and track your earned commissions.

  • What counts as a successful referral?

    A successful referral is a new client that signs a service agreement with NaNLABS and makes payment for services. 

  • Are all leads eligible for the referral program?

    No. To qualify as a successful referral, the lead must meet the following criteria:

    • US-Based: The company must be based in the United States.

    • New to NaNLABS: We cannot have an existing record of the company in our database, and they cannot have gone through our sales process in the past.

  • Can I refer myself as a client?

    No, you cannot receive a commission for referring yourself.

  • Are there any restrictions on how I promote NaNLABS?

    Our primary focus is on you identifying potential clients and making warm introductions. If you would like to discuss NaNLABS with a potential client in more detail, we're happy to provide marketing materials upon request.

  • How long does the commission period last for each referral?

    You earn commissions for the first 12 months of a referred client's service. 

  • If a client's project extends beyond 12 months, do I still get commissions?

    No, the commission period is limited to the first 12 months of a client's service.

  • What does "net revenue" mean in terms of commission calculation?

    Net revenue refers to the amount collected from a client after deducting any direct costs associated with delivering the project (such as third-party software licensing or subcontractor fees).

  • Can I earn commissions on renewals or additional services purchased by my referrals?

    Currently, commissions are limited to the first 12 months of a new client's service. However, NaNLABS may offer additional incentives or promotions from time to time.

  • I referred a client who signed on, but their first invoice isn't paid yet. When do I receive my commission?

    Commissions are paid only after the referred client's invoice has been marked as paid.

  • Can I refer my own company to the program to earn a commission?

    No. The referral program is designed to reward you for connecting NaNLABS with new clients. Self-referrals are not eligible for commissions.

Buried in data but lacking actionable insights?

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