Full-stack Development

Professional team of engineers specialized in Front-end, Back-end and DevOps.

Software developers at NaNLABS are encouraged to become Full-stack engineers. They understand the big picture and architecture, and they keep honing their specialty that could be Front-end, Back-end, or DevOps.

How are the pods composed?

All development teams are composed of one Technical Leader and Full-stack engineers with the technical knowledge and skills required to successfully deliver on the project.

The Technical Leader facilitates the organization of the project and the collaboration amongst the team. They work closely with the client to manage priorities and expectations. They play a key role in sharing their knowledge and experience in coding, software architecture, and leading tech teams. They also guarantee that the best software development practices such as clean code, automation, infra as code are being applied.

The team of Full-stack engineers has a global vision of the project. This allows each member to validate the technical viability of both design and functional requirements, to analyze the potential impacts of changes, and to evaluate improvement opportunities.

The whole development team writes code and participates in the estimation of efforts required for the implementation in order to facilitate decision-making at the end of the product owner.

Main technologies

Over the years our team amassed experience with diverse technologies. Even though we're able to support a wide range of technologies and frameworks, we like to choose the right tool for the job. At the moment, our primary focus are the technologies mentioned below.





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