React Native, iOS and Android application development

We develop mobile applications that range from single purpose apps with little or no back-end, to feature-rich UI and heavy back-end logics and dedicated administration tools.

Our team of mobile developers can assess you in the best technological approach and choice of technologies. This will depend on your app unique value proposition, your timeline and budget.

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React Native

to develop two native apps with one codebase and reduce cost and complexity

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For iOS

Objective C and Swift

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For Android

Java and Kotlin


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Back-end development services

We develop the custom back-end that is necessary to support more or less complex business logics. We either integrate with existing systems or develop the back-end from scratch.

For simple logics and server-less applications we use Firebase to handle user management and notifications.

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Design process Research, Create and Design

Designers and developers work as one integrated team. They all take part in structure and functionality definitions so that designers can visualize and test, while developers build the product.

Research application concept, value proposition, info architecture and user persona to define the UX and sketch first wireframes.

Create low fidelity interactive prototype to serve for usability test plan and obtain early feedback.

Design custom components, styleguide and final UI to enhance the paths defined during the UX definition.

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Our approach of mobile development services

We set up design and development teams.

The solutions we craft include complex web applications as well as impactful and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android. We develop large scale and integrated enterprise solutions. And also leverage the latest technologies to develop big data solutions. We lead companies in their digital transformation journey and engage in Research and Development activities to prove the technical feasibility of innovative ideas.

Cross functional teams Cross-functional teams of specialists to design and develop custom solutions powered by our engineering knowledge.
Agile iterative approach Agile Iterative approach to build incremental software, that is focused on customers and embraces change.
Cloud computing architecture Cloud computing architecture for solutions that scale and adapt to real needs, and support high demand.
Security owasp Security following OWASP recommendations to identify and tackle web apps vulnerabilities.
Continuous delivery Continuous delivery from Day one to truly support our iterative approach, lower risks, and achieve zero downtime deployments.
Clean code Clean code best practices to keep software easy to maintain and add features.


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