We view R&D activities and proof of concept development as a first milestone for the creation of disruptive software products.

We experiment with technologies, developing solutions that may or may not become products. Engaging in R&D activities requires embracing uncertainty and relying on curiosity, analytical skills and a strong engineering background.


In software development, building proof of concepts (POC) is a great way for organizations to be bold and innovative while reducing risks. It focuses efforts on speed and creativity.

We focus our POC development on validating the technical feasibility of an idea. They should not be mistaken for prototypes: our POCs are neither customer nor market oriented.

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Cost and time-efficient
It is a small and incomplete version of a product idea, developed in order to avoid spending a lot of money or time on something that is not viable technology-wise.

Envisioning the product
The POC is used to identify the potential of the solution as well as potential technical blockers for its development. It can be used to make ballpark estimates of the scope and resources that will be necessary to develop the product.

Demonstrating the idea
It can be used to sell the concept of the software by demonstrating viability to potential investors and other stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Big Data


Big Data

It is essential to have a strong experience with Big Data tools and solutions to come up with creative ideas. Our experience working with the Spark ecosystem allows us to overcome technical limitations.

Network discovery tool: we proved the feasibility of the idea and developed the first version of the product. The idea behind the project: the cybersecurity of a company depends on the level of security of its vendors.

Cyber-insurance database: we mined and processed huge data sources in order to gather and categorize them. The objective: performing a cyber risks analysis. The POC was developed using Scala and Mesos.

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Virtual Reality mockup

Virtual Reality

Research and implementation of a web Virtual Reality tour for a real state e-commerce platform with very constrained times. Using WebGL and React.


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Our approach of software development

We set up design and development teams.

The solutions we craft include complex web applications as well as impactful and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android. We develop large scale and integrated enterprise solutions. And also leverage the latest technologies to develop big data solutions. We lead companies in their digital transformation journey and engage in Research and Development activities to prove the technical feasibility of innovative ideas.

Cross functional teams Cross-functional teams of specialists to design and develop custom solutions powered by our engineering knowledge.
Agile iterative approach Agile Iterative approach to build incremental software, that is focused on customers and embraces change.
Cloud computing architecture Cloud computing architecture for solutions that scale and adapt to real needs, and support high demand.
Security owasp Security following OWASP recommendations to identify and tackle web apps vulnerabilities.
Continuous delivery Continuous delivery from Day one to truly support our iterative approach, lower risks, and achieve zero downtime deployments.
Clean code Clean code best practices to keep software easy to maintain and add features.