Automatically scale and manage your applications with AWS Serverless development services

Using AWS Serverless, we'll help you build and run highly scalable applications that require a lot less of your time and money. And no one-size-fits-all solutions here; our experts will have it custom-made according to your needs.

Tired of spending so much time and money managing servers when you could be building and running your applications?

From chatbots to web apps, AWS' serverless computing is a flexible and cost-effective option for seamlessly running and scaling a wide range of applications without having to worry about infrastructure management. 

Automatically scale as needed

AWS Serverless can automatically scale your applications up or down based on demand. This translates into an optimized use of resources even when workloads fluctuate a lot. 

Only pay for what you use

With a pay-per-use billing model, AWS cloud computing only charges you for the resources used. Not having to pay for idle time means a significant reduction in costs, especially if you experience frequent traffic spikes.

Less time managing servers, more time coding 

You can dramatically reduce your operational overhead, since AWS will be in charge of all the tasks involved in managing servers, such as provisioning, scaling, and maintenance. This frees up your team to focus on what really matters, such as developing and deploying applications.

Reduce your Time-to-Market

Serverless computing makes it easy to quickly develop and deploy new applications. Allowing developers to build and release code in smaller, more manageable units, AWS Lambda will help you shorten development cycles and hit the market faster. 

High availability and fault tolerance 

AWS Serverless services rely on a global network of data centers and are designed to be highly available. It automatically replicates code and data across multiple availability zones, significantly reducing the risk of downtime and making it ideal for mission-critical applications. 

Easily monitor and control costs

AWS offers tools to enhance cost efficiency in serverless environments, allowing you to track your usage, set up cost controls and easily manage your bills.

How We Helped Our Client by building and turning an MVP into a fully-fledged enterprise solution with AWS

A privacy management startup approached NaNLABS looking to build a scalable MVP from scratch in only 45 days, and later turn it into a fully-fledged enterprise SaaS product. Their vision was to develop a tool to simplify the incorporation of security and privacy requirements into software. 

After defining the project scope and building a detailed road map, our team got to work, nailing their MVP development within the tight 45-day timeframe. The MVP was not only highly scalable but also designed with minimal technical debt, and we made sure to share our AWS expertise with the client’s in-house team. Building upon the user feedback they collected through the MVP, we then transitioned the product's architecture into a multi-tenant one and delivered a fully-fledged SaaS solution perfectly suited for large organizations. We continue to collaborate with the client, now through our Team Augmentation services.   

“Partnering with NaNLabs was a critical life force in turning the idea of Privacy & Ethics Engineering for all into a living, breathing SaaS platform. Their team cares as much as we do about the quality and impact of every line of code— and we laugh together every day.” - Co-founder & CEO of the startup. 

Expertise to go beyond expectations

At NaNLABS we're not just following trends; we're shaping the future. Our extensive experience with serverless computing allows us to go beyond the standard offerings, crafting unique and unexpected solutions for every client. 

Forever sharpening our skills 

Excellence is the norm within our teams, so you can bet that every developer working on your project is a master of their trade. Through continuous AWS Cloud training and certification, our experts are always on top of the latest serverless computing innovations and best practices, and taking our development game to the next level. 

Certified AWS Partner

We're proud to hold a Certified AWS Partner status and constantly moving further on the AWS partner path! The certification is a testament to our proven track record in delivering outstanding results using AWS services, including their robust Serverless solutions. 

Fresh solutions tailored to your measures

We don't believe in cookie-cutter coding and always go out of our way to meet our clients' specific needs. Even if we work together on multiple projects, you can expect the solutions delivered to be completely unique and precisely tailored to each one. 

Frequently asked questions about AWS Serverless development

  • How does NaNLABS estimate the cost of a serverless development project?

    Cost estimation is based on usage, so our team works closely with clients to optimize serverless architectures and ensure cost-effectiveness. We always provide a clear breakdown of potential costs based on different scenarios, using reliable tools like AWS Cost Explorer.

  • How does the NaNLABS team manage security in a serverless project?

    AWS Serverless comes with robust security measures provided by AWS. Following the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the NaNLABS team implements best practices for securing serverless applications, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and continuous monitoring.

  • What about the latency and response time?

    AWS Serverless is designed for low-latency and high-performance applications, and our experts have extensive experience in optimizing serverless functions for quick response times. We'll fine-tune applications to meet your specific latency requirements and provide a seamless user experience.

  • How does AWS Serverless scale with increased traffic?

    AWS Serverless automatically scales to meet demand, ensuring your application can handle high loads without manual intervention. The NaNLABS team will design your serverless architecture to smoothly handle sudden spikes in traffic, providing a reliable and scalable solution for your needs.

Less server management = more development time

With AWS serverless, our experts can make infrastructure management a thing of the past and free you up to focus on what really matters – your coding.  Ready for some serverless magic?