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The project was a complete success

NaNLABS was an integral, essential, and appreciated partner in our daily workflow. Communications were good and they went the extra mile. Their project was a complete success. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

Tyson WoesteFounder & CEO at Transported

You bring the vision — or problem. We'll bring the expertise.

When you're wading through a sticky problem, any dev won't do. With more years' experience than we'd like to admit, our consultants have almost seen it all. Working across industries, architectures and technical practices, we can recommend the best approach to get your project unstuck — fast.

Find yourperfect project fit

All our software consulting projects are 100% customizable, because one size doesn’t fit all. But take a look at the kinds of challenges we can solve together:

  • Software Architecture Consultancy

    Complex microservices or cloud architecture? We'll work with your team to configure and refine your software. We can define components, set up pipelines or do a trade-off analysis. We'll help you kill bottlenecks and make the right choices for your product, so you can scale without stress.

    • Architecture diagrams

    • Scalability options

    • Working proof of concept

  • Data Engineering Consultancy

    Overloaded with data? We'll help you make sense of the mess. We can model, gather, integrate and visualize your data in interactive dashboards. As well as validating costs and business limitations. So you can make informed decisions that will boost your growth.

    • Operational cost analysis

    • Data modeling

    • Working proof of concept

  • Research & Development

    Got a groundbreaking idea but not sure if it's technically possible? Wonder no more. Our expert consultants can evaluate your tech, analyze its feasibility and help you create a proof of concept. Giving you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward — or run a mile.

    • Technical investigation

    • Recommendations reports

    • Working proof of concept

  • Rapid Prototyping

    If you've got an idea you're ready to test, we'll design and develop a functional prototype in a 6-week sprint. It will look and feel exactly like your finished product. So you can play around, validate the tech, and get the user insights you need from your prospects—fast!

    • High fidelity prototype

    • User testing

    Need something more robust?

    Check out our MVP development service ->
  • And that's just the beginning...
    We can also help with
    • DevOps & infrastructure automation

    • Front-end consultancy

    • UI/UX consultancy

    • Your project?

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We've improved our processes

The advice and feedback NaNLABS provided helped us adjust our sprint planning and improve our scrum processes.

Ramya GadiyaramDirector of Engineering at CyberCube
Two (or more) heads are better than one

Software isn't built in a silo, and bumping heads against a problem alone gets pretty painful. Deliver better results by bringing in a fresh perspective. And if you need more hands-on time? We can come to you and collaborate on-site to get you unstuck faster.Get to know us better?


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  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Secure
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