Deliver exceptional software with Node.js development services

You’ve got the idea, you just need the expertise to pull it off. You need experienced developers that can seamlessly integrate with your team, bring recommendations to the table, and get your Node.js app off the ground—that’s where we come in.

Struggling with setting up third-party integrations, user roles, or data collection tools?

Node.js is built on top of the V8 JavaScript engine, so it can execute code super fast. It’s ideal if you want to create high-quality, feature-rich apps to support large numbers of users.

Event-driven architectures

Node.js gives you lightweight and efficient design to handle any asynchrony and scalability challenges that arise in event-driven systems.

Flexible authentication and authorization

Get the cross-platform functionality you need. With our expertise in Node.js backend development, you can implement:

  • Integrations with social providers such as Gmail, Facebook (and more!)

  • Integration with AWS Cognito, Azure AD, and GCP Identity Platform

  • Single sign-on (SSO) services

  • Role-based access control (RBAC)

Secure API development

You can rely on Node.js to develop REST API and GraphQL endpoints to interact within your modules or 3rd party systems securely. Trust that safety always comes first in our data-intensive custom software development process.

Intelligent data scraping

You want to snag as much relevant business data as possible, so we use headless browsers, like Puppeteer, or static HTML parsing tools, like Cheerio, within the Node.js environment.

How we helped HyreCar migrate to microservices and scale with Node.js

When SaaS company HyreCar was growing rapidly, it approached NaNLABS to help build enterprise level software using Node.js. HyreCar had some challenging past experiences with outsourcing and felt apprehensive about a new collaboration.

But at NaNLABS, we’re all about team augmentation—not box-ticking. Our developers got stuck in, became part of the team, and acted like any other engineer at HyreCar.

Working as a fully aligned team, we were able to make suggestions and improvements that helped ensure the success of the project. With our developers on board, HyreCar dramatically improved velocity while still keeping operations up and running.

We’re about improving the process, not just resolving tickets

You want programs to follow scripts, not developers. Our natural curiosity means we ask the important questions and think critically. We’ll work with you to solve problems and make improvements.

Over 10 years of experience writing JavaScript, the mother tongue of Node.js

You need to hire Node.js developers that are well-versed in functional, asynchronous programming and writing cross-platform code. We’re constantly updating ourselves on the latest Node.js frameworks and JavaScript runtime environments.

We live and breathe Agile principles

NaNLABS’ was founded with an Agile software development mindset and we use frameworks like Scrum, Lean Software Development (LSD), and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) daily. Whether we’re hired for MVP development services or Node.js consulting, we always think Agile.

We speak your language, not just JavaScript

Your communication methods come first at NaNLABS. We’re a flexible, fluent English-speaking team that can adapt to your processes and style of communication.

We’re your nearshore partners

We’re based in Argentina so you’ll get all the price perks of partnering outside the US without the major difference in timezone.

We can be hands-on or hands-off—it’s your call

Already got a crack team working on your app? We’re API to hear it. But if you need advice or specialized Node.js solutions, we also offer consulting services. We might just be the fresh pair of eyes your project needs to get you to the finishing line.

Your software could be ready to launch in no time.

Need help developing your app? Node problem! Our expert team of experienced Node.js developers is ready to help.