Get customizable, dynamic web applications with React.js development services

With React.js, we can help you build fast, user-friendly custom software applications as unique as your business. You're not just another variable to us—you're the main function.

Tired of clunky, unresponsive UI and error-prone code?

Even complex user interfaces are no challenge when you use React.js development services to build your high-performing, interactive web apps.

Develop a bespoke platform that fits your needs

React.js offers a strong foundation for customizable and scalable development projects built to fit your business objectives.

Save time and ditch redundant code

You can build small code components that are ideal for being reused throughout the platform, making time-to-launch even shorter.

Get lightning-fast load times

React.js's virtual Document Object Model (DOM) ensures efficient rendering and minimizes unnecessary re-renders, increasing app speed.

Build SEO-friendly websites

Your web apps will be easier to crawl, improving their organic search rankings, thanks to structured, semantic HTML and efficient server-side rendering.

Get the cross-platform advantage

Make the same code run on iOS and Android from the JavaScript source using the React Native app development framework.

Support seamless data exchanges

You can rely on React.js API integrations through RESTful APIs or GraphQL to ensure a seamless data flow between your web and mobile app and third-party systems.

How we helped launch its MVP

When Jeff Hatten from wanted to turn his proof of concept into a minimum viable product (MVP), he requested NaNLABS’ MVP development services
We used JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React.js for front-end coding and Node.js for the backend development process. Supported by our Agile development lifecycle model, achieved early validation of its MVP among beta users, reduced GIF generation times to under 15 seconds, developed a Google Chrome extension, and created a Brandfetch API integration for more personalized GIFs!

“NANLABS took the time and effort to scope the project and understand my needs, which is why I chose them. They struck a balance between challenging me and ensuring that the solution we were arriving at was something they could deliver.” Jeff Hatten, The Founder of

Building apps with an Agile state of mind

As we design, develop, and deploy your app, we live by Agile principles, delivering feature-rich products that adapt to your evolving needs.

Forever training to be JavaScript Jedis

Our React.js developers are always up to date on the latest JavaScript & TypeScript frameworks and Agile practices for web development.

Creating byte-sized solutions for big problems

With 10+ years of expertise in custom enterprise software development, we blend creativity and technical know-how to develop a future-proof solution for your project that puts users first.

Keeping your app secure and stable

Disruptions and downtime can kill your bottom line. We offer ongoing software development consulting and software maintenance with regular monitoring.

Get in touch for a custom quote

Don't let bugs drive you crazy. Our experienced developers can help you build, migrate and maintain high-quality React.js applications quickly, easily—and securely.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What are React.js development services?

    React.js development services are a suite of services related to application development and its maintenance built with React, a JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces.

  • How much does it cost to hire a React.js developer?

    The cost of hiring a React.js developer depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, the average salary of a full-stack developer in the US is approximately $120k, according to Glassdoor. However, to build an app using React.js, you’ll need other members in your development team, like a project manager and a UX/UI designer.

  • Which company is best for React development?

    The best Reactjs development company is the one that best meets your project requirements.  For example, NaNLABS has over 10 years of experience in web and mobile app development using JavaScript, which means we're primed and ready for any React.js development project. If you want to maintain ownership of your project while benefiting from our expertise in React development services - get in touch!

  • Which IDE is best for React.js?

    The best IDE for React.js is Visual Studio Code. It offers syntax highlighting, IntelliSense code completion, and integrated debugging for JavaScript and TypeScript. Other popular IDE choices include Atom, Sublime Text, and WebStorm.

  • What are the benefits of React.js

    The benefits of React.js include:

    • Virtual DOM for fast rendering performance

    • Reusable components for faster development

    • Ability to write isomorphic code for better SEO.

    • Support for server-side rendering that helps improve the website's loading time.

    • Data binding, which ensures data synchronization between the view and engagement model layers.

    • Flexible architecture for easy maintenance. 

    • Ability to create native mobile applications with React Native.

  • What are the best tools for React.js development?

    The best tools for React.js development include:

    • Create React App — a command line interface tool to create apps with no configuration

    • React Developer Tools — an extension to Chrome DevTools to debug and inspect app components 

    • Redux DevTools — an extension to Chrome DevTools to inspect the Redux store and view the data flow

    • React Sight — a chrome extension for a visual representation of your component hierarchy in real time

    • Storybook — an open-source tool to build and design components faster without providing context in your app.

    • React Bootstrap — a library of components to create interactive and responsive web apps.

Your vision, our expertise

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