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Skip the learning curve – let NaNLABS solve your tech puzzles, so you can confidently hit every product milestone. As your tech sidekicks, we’ll help you create a custom IT strategy that’ll reduce costs, ensure scalability, and enhance user experience.

Going from concept to creation is challenging enough. Dodge the development roadblocks with our team of seasoned engineers and make your tech journey obstacle-free. That's what a sidekick does.

Your catalyst for growth

Wading through a sticky problem? Any dev won't do. With more years of experience than we'd like to admit, our consultants have almost seen it all. Working across industries, architectures, and technical practices, we can recommend the best approach to get your project unstuck fast, the NaNLABS way.

  • In it for the long haul, no quick fixes

Our main squeeze? Long-term success. We're not just about slapping band-aids on issues; we're all about crafting lasting solutions. As we envision your success, you’ll get a custom roadmap of sustainable IT solutions that suit your needs.  

  • A tag-team effort, not just outsourcing

Picture this: your vision combined with our cross-industry experience to achieve your goals. As your trusty sidekicks,  we don't just clock in and out;  we become an integral part of your squad.  You make the calls while we share expertise, toss ideas back and forth, and offer IT support.

  • Top-notch guidance, always fresh

Stay one step ahead with a modern and scalable product. Whether diving into the cloud or wrangling Big Data, we stay at the forefront of tech trends to consistently provide you with the most efficient solutions and cutting-edge tools.

Partner with our brain power! 

Leverage our cross-industry experience and tech know-how to solve complex technical issues, dodge development roadblocks, and optimize your software development efforts.

Let’s power up your project together! Zoom in on some of our dynamic IT consulting solutions:

Data Engineering Consultancy

Need to untangle the tech chaos? We've got your back! We'll model, gather, integrate, and visualize your data into interactive dashboards. Plus, we'll validate costs and business limitations. With our support, you'll make informed decisions to supercharge your growth.

Software Architecture Consultancy

Struggling with complex microservices or cloud architecture? Let's join forces to configure and refine your software. We'll define components, set up pipelines, or conduct trade-off analysis. Count on us to squash bottlenecks and guide you toward seamless scalability.

Research & Development Consultancy

Got a groundbreaking idea but unsure of its technical feasibility? No worries. Our expert consultants are here to assess your tech, analyze feasibility, and craft a proof of concept. You'll gain the clarity and confidence to forge ahead—or pivot if needed.

Rapid Prototyping

Got an idea itching to hit the ground running? We'll design and develop a functional prototype in a 6-week sprint. It'll mirror your final product, allowing you to play around, validate the tech, and gather user insights from your prospects—quick as a flash!

And that's just the beginning...

We can also help with

  • DevOps & infrastructure automation

  • Front-end consultancy

  • UI/UX consultancy

Your project?

How we helped a startup improve cybersecurity with technology consulting  

When an exciting new startup in NYC needed to assess the security of its vendors and partners, NaNLABS stepped up. We take a custom approach to every challenge. So, we got to know the in-house team and worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive IT strategy and Big Data proof of concept (POC). This helped our client see how its network discovery tool would perform in real-world conditions. After just 3 months of manual testing and automation, the product was ready for daily operations. 

“NaNLABS have always had strong technical talent, motivation and good communication skills. The team was very responsive and transparent in their work. Timeline-wise they were very aligned with our goals, going the extra-mile when the business needed it. Very helpful, dependable team and management.”

Frequently asked questions

  • What are IT consulting services?

    IT consulting services provide advice, analysis, and recommendations to help businesses improve their use of technology to meet business objectives. An IT consultant takes a holistic view of the company’s existing system architecture and develops plans for better scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and customer experience.

  • What’s the difference between IT consulting and IT sourcing?

    The difference between IT consulting and IT sourcing is that  IT consulting focuses on providing guidance to help a business make informed decisions about its IT systems. On the other hand, IT sourcing is the procurement of external resources or services to support an organization’s technology needs.

  • What are the benefits of IT consulting?

    The benefits of IT consulting include:

    • Improved system scalability and reliability

    • Cost-effective implementations

    • Better customer experience and satisfaction

    • Increased data security and compliance with industry regulations

    • Improved business processes through automated systems

  • What is NaNLABS’ approach to strategic consulting?

    NaNLABS’ approach to strategic consulting is focused on equipping your team with usable strategies based on your business objectives. We’ve got 10+ years of experience supporting organizations like yours with consultancy and services like Next.js development and Node.js development. Drawing on our expertise, we work with you to identify and implement technology solutions tailored to your needs while leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics.

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