Audio editor visualization with D3 and Canvas

Offering easy visualization to edit audio podcasts

BlogTalkRadio is the largest social radio network with millions of listeners and thousands of hosts creating podcasts and broadcasting live.

In order to increase conversions and monetization of the services, BTR developed an audio editor. We developed the visualization tool that makes it easy for users to edit their podcasts and to insert advertisement. The main technologies used in this project were D3 and Canvas.



Custom circles Improve the experience of the hosts at the time of scheduling their shows

Custom circles Increase the conversion rate from regular users to paid users by offering premium features

Custom circles Create a possibility for hosts to monetize their work and participation

Just as the Internet provides an opportunity for almost everyone to post a blog, a webpage, or a simple Twitter page, the ability to host your own radio show can be accomplished with a simple registration, using an online service like BlogTalkRadio.”

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Custom circles Creation of a brand-new set of tools for podcast creators with a freemium approach

Custom circles Integrate social media features to expose podcasts to a bigger audience

Custom circles Develop new monetization service by offering the possibility to include ads in the podcasts


Custom circles Improved user experience for hosts when scheduling podcasts, managing their content or following their community

Custom circles Contextual call to actions through friendly display of premium features to non paying users

Custom circles Monetization of podcasts made easy: podcast edition, ads inserted in chosen cue points, multiple ads integration


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