GIF generation SaaS web app

SaaS web app with Google Chrome Extension

Creating an MVP for a SaaS web app, including designing a friendly user experience from scratch and a Google Chrome Extension to automate the data collection process.


Communication is fundamental for companies to attract new customers. Nevertheless, for Jeff Hatten, founder of, the lack of personalization in correspondences weakens the efficiency of communication. aims to solve this issue by offering customized GIFs that can be used in emails and on LinkedIn. These customized pieces of content are used by professionals as a way to engage with the recipient. 


This SaaS web app offers multiple functionalities for the users to personalize the GIF as much as they want to. NaNLABS collaborated with to create an MVP. It involved building the web app, designing a user-friendly experience, and developing a Google Chrome extension to extract information from LinkedIn. 

Challenges and Solutions

  • Team coordination: One of the first concerns of our client was the handover process.  Our client cares about its product and so do we. That’s why from the very beginning we established clear communication channels, and had meetings with our client to ensure that the project was on the right track. 

  • Workflow: Throughout the project, we used the Agile methodology to ensure efficiency in the app development, keep the project on track, and obtain user feedback early in the process. 

  • Process Automation: Initially, our client started testing his idea using a prototype he hacked himself. The tasks were completed manually, which lengthened the delivery time. We solved this issue by using Remotion, which enabled the platform to scale. Furthermore, we suggested new features that would benefit the customer experience. 

  • Main issues: Among the challenges we had to face, there was a technical challenge related to the GIFs copy and paste functionality. Our team came up with a subtle workaround to ensure that the core functionality and value prop of the solution remain the same. 

  • Brand new User Experience: Another challenge was to develop a simple user experience from scratch, having in mind that it should be intuitive and sustainable in the long run. 

  • Optimized tech stack: An important criteria for our client was the sustainability of the technology stack the website would be built on, so his “future” in-house team could work with it. Thus, we choose to build the whole solution using TypeScript and technologies like ReactJS, MaterialUI for the front-end and NestJS in the back-end. Using a reliable infrastructure based on AWS services like Lambda functions, S3 buckets, and a MongoDB database.

  • Brand new Google Chrome Extension: We developed a Google Chrome Extension to enable the web app to extract data from LinkedIn accounts. The goal was to overcome their security barriers to extract contacts data so could generate GIFs at scale easily.


  • We designed, built and launched to market a professional MVP on budget in 90 days

  • is now able to generate hundreds of personalized GIFs in 15 seconds. 

  • The web app is now able to generate hundreds of high-quality GIFs easier and faster.

  • We developed a bespoke Google Chrome Extension to collect data from LinkedIn, automatizing the process. 

Now that the initial MVP has been successfully delivered, our team focuses on maintenance and support activities. A second development iteration is planned to implement changes based on user feedback.

Want to learn more about how NaNLABS developed this MVP from scratch, including a custom Google Chrome Extension, in 90 days? Here is a case study about our ongoing collaboration with’s team.

"For an MVP, we didn't spend a million dollars and still got the best quality, and that's one of the things we're happy about. If the product takes off and we continue to grow, we want to keep working with NaNLABS —because they’re a part of our team.”

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