World’s #1 sneaker consignment marketplace with retail locations in NYC & LA, and an online store that services international shoppers.

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Custom circles Absence of proper WMS resulting in delays in shipping orders

Custom circles Manual processes generating lack of visibility for warehouse workers and management team

Custom circles Insufficient analytics to identify the bottlenecks and errors

Since 2005, it has been the most trusted source for sneaker seekers and
sellers, effectively becoming the world’s #1 sneaker marketplace.


Custom circles Create custom WMS as off the shelf solutions did not support this unique business model

Custom circles Integration with third-party specialized services (shipment specialists, CRM) to transform manual processes into a set of rules performed by the WMS

Custom circles Work with the ELK stack to deliver actionable insights in real time through data visualization


Custom circles Lower low entry-point level for staff, decreased errors, gain of productivity and space

Custom circles Creation of a DevOps dashboard to see the health of the different services. Provides real time visibility, warnings in case of unusual activity, allow to anticipate potential outages

Custom circles Implementation of Operations Log to give management the necessary Business Intelligence visibility to prioritize dev work

Sneakers in a warehouse commerce