Discover top-tier software development outsourcing that frees you up to focus on your end-game

Ditch the stress, time and expense of building an in-house development team to work on the software you need. Have a trusty sidekick handle all your tech requirements with full flexibility and no long-term bills.

Let your trusty sidekick tackle the software, while you zero in on the main mission

Forget all the hassle of setting up your own squad to develop software. With NaNLABS' software development outsourcing services, you get everything an internal team can deliver, minus the extra overhead. Here's a snapshot of what we bring to the table:

Our experience is our launchpad

With over a decade of custom software development under our belts, we've got both the expertise and the creative drive to land rock-solid solutions in the most innovative ways. Equipped with a full set of tools that includes Javascript, Python, Next.js, Node.js, and React.js, no mission is too daunting for our crew. 

Nothing but top-tier quality and ironclad security

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification is a testament to our relentless quest for excellence! From conceptualization to deployment and ongoing support, our projects rely on extensive testing and thorough security checks to deliver nothing but stellar digital products. 

Our squads are Agile and cost-conscious

Together, our Agile methodologies and DevOps practices are a powerhouse duo for boosting speed, quality, and cost efficiency. While Agile development streamlines processes, lowering costs and upholding quality, our DevOps approach automates deliveries and enhances savings. 

We fine-tune it to your industry

We have a proven track record of delivering top-level end-to-end development services for multiple sectors, with a focus on cybersecurity, fintech, insurtech, and mobility sectors. This means that we come with the industry-specific knowledge to meet your business's unique demands and regulatory requirements.

Not mere task handlers, we're strategic allies

We offer in-depth software development consulting, not task execution services. We're creators, strategists, and problem-solvers who collaborate closely to overcome and conquer anything standing in the way of your success. 

NaNLABS to the rescue: How our custom software development took Fluint from mid-project chaos to successful launch in 90 days 

Fluint, a B2B SaaS startup, came to NaNLABS looking for help to rescue their development project and build a unique dual-user sales platform. Working with another agency, what started as a 90-day job had become a 9-month ordeal with subpar outcomes. 

Their situation was challenging but nothing out of our playbook, so we got straight to work! Among other initiatives, we revamped their code, reduced their technical debt, integrated advanced assets, and swapped their editor library, prioritizing customer needs over excessive features. The result? 90 days later Fluint had a fully scalable MVP with intuitive UX for sales reps and buyers which they used to gather early feedback and secure their first customers.

Why make software development outsourcing your next strategic move

Faster high-quality outcomes

Quickly get the ball rolling and work with cohesive and highly skilled squads that will deliver top-quality results much faster than a team built from scratch. 

More bang for your buck

Access a global talent pool of top-level developers that come at a much lower cost than if hired locally and with zero employer liability concerns. Plus save a ton on office setups, training, etc. 

Sizing up or down as needed 

Seamlessly scale your development team up or down to meet demand, quickly handling high workloads when needed, and ditching the cost of maintaining a full squad during low-demand periods. 

Next-level skill, full-proof results

Enjoy the reliable, high-quality outcomes that only a seasoned workforce can deliver, and rely on specialized devs to build solutions tailored to your industry's demands. 

More time for what matters

Free up your time and resources to focus on your core business, while the experts craft the software you need to take things to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about software development outsourcing

  • What processes do you have in place for quality assurance and testing?

    Our approach to quality assurance and testing is comprehensive and integral to every stage of the development process. ​​We employ a combination of unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing, which are all automated, thanks to our Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI/CD) processes. Our QA processes are also regularly updated according to the latest best practices and tools in the industry, to ensure the highest quality deliverables.

  • What kind of software development technologies does NaNLABS specialize in?

    NaNLABS specializes in a range of technologies, including Javascript, Python, Next.js, Node.js, and React.js, to name a few. This diverse expertise allows us to recommend and implement the ideal tech to meet your unique needs.

  • What is your approach to project management?

    NaNLABS was founded with an Agile mindset, and this includes project management. Our Agile project management approach prioritizes open communication and transparency, inviting clients to be closely involved in the development process and creating a highly collaborative environment.

Your needs are unique. So are our solutions.

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